Summer Romper

Its summer. Its hot. Sometimes sticky and gross. Who are we kidding here, it is just not comfortable. But what is comfortable is a romper. This past summer it has been my go to look, some of these can even be worn straight into the fall. The perfect transition outfit in between seasons (summer into fall and spring into summer).


Today I’m wearing the O’Neill Nashville Romper paired with Steve Madden Gladiators. This entire look is the definition of COMFORT. These sandals I purchased earlier this spring and I am so happy that I did, from spring to summer I got A LOT of use out of them.


Although the romper is a bit of a splurge, I will share my secret of how I purchased it. Amazon. The app is the best thing since sliced bread – my bank account would disagree. It is complete up to your discretion if you would rather purchase it through the O’Neill website. On amazon there is a few dollars worth of a price difference, in my eyes a few dollars saved is better than nothing.

Summer is almost over, stay cool!




A warning to all the ladies rocking a romper…… Godspeed.  9c1e0ea8d7f415bd0b918887cb0c4824fc27af40cb32747d98f71cfe216602f3

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