Throwback to The Shallows Bikini Challenge

A little fun fact you should know about me is I LOVE SHARKS. Shark week is a celebratory week in my world and I watch every new episode every year. When I saw that the lovely Blake Lively was coming out with a movie about sharks I was immediately a fan and hadn’t even seen the movie yet.

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I spotted her jawesome bikini from the trailer and I decided I needed that exact one to wear during shark week. The film and shark week happen to premier during the same week. The challenge began…

I searched to the ends of the earth on the internet to find out what brand the bikini she was wearing. Part 1 of my success was that her bikini bottoms were Tory Burch, and they were available.. but I decided to take gamble and purchase them through Amazon. It was a bit of a splurge ($95), it was also the first pair of designer swimwear I had ever purchased in my life #treatyourself

The last part of my challenge was the orange bikini top. You would not believe how difficult this was, I had figured out that the top she is originally wearing was Roxy. And my luck was not on my side since I could not find them ANY WHERE.

Blake’s character Nancy didn’t give up in the movie… and I wasn’t about to give up either.

Another gamble: ordering from a website I have never heard of before. The only gambling I ever do in life is for my closet, and I happened to get a winning hand. SUCCESS! They updated me on my order every single step of the way, which I am forever grateful for and it completed my Shallows Bikini look!

Amazon bikini bottom’s – unfortunately these are out of stock, but there is a similar pair here.

Dollswimwear organe bikini top  – A California based company, these bikini’s are SO ADORABLE. I would definitely order from them again.

Challenge: complete✔️

Blake’s reaction:

(owned by Sony)
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