Hair Hack

Every girl is guilty of wearing a hair tie on their wrist and if you disagree .. LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

I’ve even done this. When your getting ready to leave and your hair is down you automatically bring a hair tie, just in case. Just in case its too windy and you need to pull your hair back, just in case your about to house an entire pizza pie gifted from the heavens above, just in case your dancing like a maniac and your dance moves are just not working with hair in your face, or mostly in the summer time when its just too damn hot out and you NEED to pull your hair back before it goes POOF.

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I first discovered this on Pinterest many moons ago… back then I pinned everything and anything not thinking that I could actually purchase the product. Because we’re too busy pinning pictures of hair and nails and outfits and funny things. Recently I decided to actually look into it.


It was definitely an M & M’s Christmas commercial moment. “He does exist… they do exist?!” Minus the fainting.. what almost made me faint was the first price I saw. $50!

No thank you, moving on… I don’t need this really awesome bracelet that will make my hair tie look like a bracelet. It was from the original website I saw on Pinterest. Then Amazon stepped in like a boss.

All 3 colors: gold, silver and rose gold. $19.99. Add to cart. WINNING.


I have been using these since the moment they arrived in the mail… No one has any idea what they are until I used them. “THAT WAS A HAIR TIE?!” A hair accessory in disguise? Excellent.

Your welcome.


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