Backpack, backpack

“Backpack, backpackBackpack, backpack

On the backpack loaded up with things and knickknack’s too
Anything that you might need I got inside for you”

Now that I got the Dora the explorer song out, let’s jump right into the latest fall bag trend.

These did catch my eye early in the season, and to be honest it looks a lot easier than carrying around a bag. I mean you could definitely fit a lot more needed items in a backpack over a regular pocket book. And by needed items I mean a pair of flats for when your 5 inch heels have slaughtered your feet. Every girl does it, I saw girls outside of 1oak switching into flats #truestory. A friend of mine actually pulled off this trick, this is when I first encountered the backpack trend in the summer. It was the end of the night and she had the cutest backpack since shad come straight from work. Right before we were about to leave she pulled out a pair of flats and changed her shoes. From that moment on I respected the backpack trend.

I guess Cher from clueless had an innovative idea back then with this trend.

So let’s be honest these can be worth the investment for this trend. I’m talking to all you mama Bears out there too. Wouldn’t this be easier than carrying an oversized bag?

Let’s jump into a few of my favorites that I found..

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Hope these options helped make your backpack shopping more fun! And I am sorry if that Dora the Explorer song is stuck in your head now 🙂 

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