Purple lips

This weeks theme is BEAUTY! All make up looks happening this week!

It’s a bold look. I took a chance. Here it is.

Products used:

How to wing it:

The cat eye effect, winged liner that cuts. I LOVE wearing this look. What I don’t love is the struggle to get it. I know beauty guru’s on YouTube say practice makes perfect and everyone has 100 different ways on how to do winged liner. To each their own. Why? Because it’s stressful. I cannot tell you have many times I have nearly cried because one side comes out beautiful and the other side is just not on point… like hello get it together it’s time to be fierce

Needless to say I’m currently experimenting with my winged liner products. The Beauty Blender Liner Designer slightly helps with this problem. Depending on the product that you are using depends on results in my opinion. This look I am wearing it really helped me greatly. I used an ELF angled liner brush to help me achieve this look. I am still in search for the brush that I feel most comfortable with. Luck just happened to be on my side with this winged look and I was damn proud of it! 

Review: do I think the Liner Designer is worth it? Probably. If you are just starting out and struggling like I am then it’s a great tool to use in the beginning. The more I used it more comfortable to became going freehanded since I learned how to achieve the shape.

Choice of liner: my girl Jaclyn Hill raves about this liner. Since it’s a drug store brand I didn’t mind checking it out. Although I kinda have to disagree with the coloring, I noticed that my liner would fade after applying it. Still on the hunt for the perfect gel liner… or liner in general.

Oh and since my blog is mostly about fashion I can’t end a post without letting you know what I wore 😉 

What I’m wearing..


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