Skeletal hand

Continuing with this weeks theme of beauty.. lets try the darker side shall we…


Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. I love every bit of it. So all of October I like to celebrate. For whatever reason I do like skulls, I know it’s morbid and all but I clearly do not care. I saw this photo on Pintrest over the summer and was immediately inspired.

The inspiration:

My final look:

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I claim to be one. This is just me having fun.

How I created this…

Materials used:


  1. Primer: Urban Decay Naked concealer. I wanted the makeup to have a bit of a base so it would hold onto my hand. (This was wiped off multiple times in the processes of creating this look.. woops!)
  2. Outline: I started by outlining the nose on my finger by using the angled brush with Urban Decay Blackout and worked my way downwards. I literally copied the pattern on the photo.
  3. Once I was satisfied with the outline, even if it’s a bit messy, I went over it with Urban Decay perversion liner.. this helped me blend out for the shadow effect.
  4. White out: since it’s a lot of shadowing, I used the Urban Decay white liner (yeyo) to fill in the open spaces, I then used a flat headed brush which comes in the UD2 pallet with MAC crystal Avalanche and packed it on the white liner. This became very smudged but I wanted it to look heavily shadowed.
  5. Liner: I went back over my lines with the liquid liner to make them stand out even more. This was mainly for the teeth since in the blending process they became rather smudged.
  6. For the jaw line I used a mix of UD Bootie call and verve for a darker look. I went back with black out and filled in any areas that needed to be blacked out.

Every so often I would hold my hand up on my face and make sure I had the angles I was looking for. If you’d like me to record myself doing these looks in the future please do let me know. I love sharing my looks and how I do them!

Stay tuned for more looks!

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