Why is your sweater ripped?

“Did you pay for that? Did you pay for a sweater that is already ripped? Why would you do that? Your jeans are ripped too.” This is a conversation I have with my father nearly every fall/winter.. as a matter of fact I had it with him last weekend. I always have a laugh because I am paying for a destroyed product. Purposely destroyed but clearly I don’t care..
I wore this outfit for a casual Friday night to the movies with my best friend to kick off my birthday weekend. We saw “The Girl On The Train” and the following photos are what I like to call “The Girl On The Floor” …. these outfit selfies are WORK 

If you can’t tell by now that I am halloween obsessed now you do. More fun facts about me! Anyway, I purchased this sweater because the back reminded me of skeleton ribs. Creepy? Maybe? I’m still going to wear it though.. I also got it in green too (wait for the repeat offender post)

📷 the fall nights have truly arrived here in New York. My girl took this photo for me as she yelled “JUST LOOKING AT YOU MAKES ME FREEZING! How are you wearing that sweater now without a coat?!” For fashion and style my dear friend, it’s always for fashion! #dedicated📸

This was a comfy and casual styled look for a Friday night to the movies. She also gifted me with a necklace for my birthday that I added to this look, it is half of an arrow.. she wears one half and I wear the other. I love arrows, they are very meaningful to me. It went perfectly with my layered necklace look and I adore it so much I’ll probably be wearing it in multiple posts! 

Snap chat pretty filter for the win! I’ve previously written about this layered necklace but I wanted to show you all how I accessorized this for my outfit. Using all of the layered necklaces for tonight’s look. I love gooooolllllld.

See. Can’t talk or write about anything without adding a joke. 

MY POINT IS… you can really layer any gold necklace that you have with this look. My birthday gift from my BFF added to my look perfectly. Mix and match any of your favorite necklaces.. I love adding accessories on a whim. Mostly because I’m running fashionably late and I’m putting my earrings/bracelets/necklaces/rings on as I’m running or hobbling on one foot out the door.

So now for my outfit details…

 Stay tuned for my birthday weekend looks!!  

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