Hockey Look: bleeding blue

Being from New York I obviously follow New York teams, my favorite one being hockey. I am a very passionate and loyal New York Rangers fan. Being at the garden is much like being at my second home, I’ve gone to games so often that my phone automatically hooks up to the wifi. Not even ashamed, not one bit.

October is the beginning of hockey season so I always make sure I try to go to a game. What I love so much about going to watch them play is the energy at the garden. It is unlike anything you will ever experience. The fans will make that place roar.

A few years ago I discovered this fan made apparel company through Twitter. My style goal is to stand out from the crowd so I like to wear different things than what’s sold in the stores. This company is AWESOME, all of the fan nickname shirts for the players you could possibly dream of. Even with the first pair of shirts I got from them I still wear them, despite the players no longer being on the team. They even hold viewing parties in NYC for the fans where you can pick up a new shirt. This really awesome apparel company I’m talking about is Webleedblue.

If you are a New York Ranger fan I highly recommend  you checking their site out. Even the players have worn their stuff!! See all of their photos from their Instagram here:

Captain Ryan Mcdonagh

My favorite bromance: Derick Brassard (former ranger ;( ) with Mats Zuccarello

JT Miller

Anti Raanta

Carl Swagelin, I mean Hagelin – another former player of the Rangers. This was one of the first items I got from webleedblue, but it is a shirt. I still wear it!

Tonight I’m sticking with a bit of an oldie but a goodie. Since I’m a hockey fan, OF COURSE I AM SUPERSTITIOUS! I wear the shirt that brings the wins. I even have a really nice varsity jacket that I can’t wear because they lose (miserably) every time I wear it.. so I save that for post victory days. Any way, I’m wearing one of my favorite players shirts: ZUUUUUUUUUCCCCC

Now since it is a sporting event, styling this I like to keep it very casual– while still looking nice. No need for heels ladies when your jumping out of your seat. These really awesome fan made shirts will definitely bring a unique look to your fan style. Have I mentioned it’s a fun way to get on the jumbotron or even on TV by standing out from the crowd?

The rest of my outfit details..

With all of my superstitious gear I am proud to say that on Monday night the New York Rangers beat the San Jose Sharks 7-4. Believe me now that it’s a lucky shirt?

One more thing.


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