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Let me tell you a little backstory about this top I’m wearing… I first saw one of my favorite bloggers that I follow (Miamiamine) wearing this maybe a month or two ago. I immediately fell in love. But. The price. I was not in love with. I searched high and low for an alternative, even with the other tops she suggested it just wasn’t the same for me. So, I made a promise to myself, if I could find it on sale I would splurge just once on this top because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Indeed it did.. this top had a serious spell on me… and now you’re mine…

Now I will discuss in another post about splurging on an item vs. when its not worth the price point. But my one of my many golden rules is if you cannot get the item out of your head do the following: Save up to buy the coveted item, find a similar item if it is really out of your price point, or find it on sale (which takes patience). I went with the very last of my very own suggestions and it paid off, I got 30% off the top with a shopbop sale!

The following was my exact reaction when all of that patience finally paid off & I went…



I was extremely happy that I finally made this purchase, AND ON SALE TOO!

I really love this top and the bell sleeve trend, its a perfect fall outfit. Especially with Halloween right around the corner. Who doesn’t want to feel a little festive?! I wore a cami underneath because quite frankly it was cold out and I wasn’t up for being bold and brave just wearing a bra. The back is quite low but I didn’t feel comfortable going this route today.

Now onto the outfit details… and options. You know I’ll never leave you ladies hanging without a ton of other options!

Oh and a word of advice..



Since you asked Winifred …. Don’t wear a hat on a windy day. It’s a recipe for disaster.. running in heels after your hat is not a cute look 😉

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