Copy Cat: Shay Mitchell Beauty look…

Shay posted this picture on her instagram Saturday night, research of this look began immediately.

Her make-up artist Patrick Ta posted the look’s details on his instagram. Half the battle was won, I already knew where to get her amazing lip color – MAC, High Drama Liquid Lip!

But going to MAC is dangerous for a make up addict like me… I often need to be supervised because who doesn’t want everything in a make up store. Shopping at MAC is much like Sarah Sanderson’s enchanting song…. it is so magical, it just draws you in… and once you’re there..its over.


They pull me in and I become a kid in a candy store… and then once I get to the counter to check out, here is my wallet’s reaction:


So here is my take on her look

These are unedited and unfiltered photos. I’m not truly a fan of how I look with my hair up but I figured I would try it out for a few (hundred) selfies 😜

Anyway, let’s get to the more important details of this post shall we. Products used…

Can’t forget about my sweater… I happened to stumble and by stumble I mean I was making an extremely quick exit from the mall so that no further shopping would occur post MAC enchanting purchases.. and then I saw Express was having a sale..


2 Sweaters and a pair of jeans (that were 40% off and a coupon) later… I found this Express Crew Neck Shaker Knit Sweater which is pretty similar to the one she is wearing in the picture. Did I purposely buy this sweater so I can match the exact photo she had?


OK FINE! Guilty…. But I really needed to buy new sweaters for the fall… I swear!


Can’t forget about my earrings! Can you guess where they are from?? You bet they are from Shay’s guest bartending line with Bauble bar! These are the bar earrings from her Questa Earring Trio. Read about my Bauble Bar haul here!

Now go grab a slice of victory pizza & enjoy rocking this look!




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