Repeat offender: ripped sweater 


Even Wednesday Addams can’t believe it…

I TOLD YOU I LIKE THIS SWEATER. They say if you really like a top to buy it in more than one color. NOT EVERY SINGLE COLOR. But one other color. I’ve been gravitating towards green. My collection of this color is growing. I can’t help it.. and I bet half of you reading do the same thing. Join the club..

This may or may not have been my reaction when I saw the sweater came in green too..

So in today’s pictures if you can’t tell I just felt like sitting down in the leaves. Ah, to be a kid again… and boy did it feel freeing! Until my neighbor walked by and many cars with people staring at me. Dedication to be a kid at heart and get your perfect self timed picture..

Outfit details…


I like it too Debbie.. the only time I will ever agree with you.

Oh and ask me if I care I posted a similar look about a week ago…giphy-2


Hope you enjoyed reading todays repeat offender blog post…


I know I enjoyed writing it 😉


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