Halloween Look: Pretty Dead

Happy Halloween!! Today is my favorite holiday of the year, it wraps up my favorite month of October.


As I’ve previously posted about my love for skulls (Skeletal hand) you probably guessed by now that my costume would have something to do with it too. And it did, this was the first year I ever took a gamble on painting my face. I haven’t done this since I was a child and well my mother made me look terrifying… and not in a good way.


So I booked my appointment at Sephora way back in September to avoid a terrible potential make-up look. Yes, you need to book that far in advance! Searching for inspiration, I finally settled on the perfect look that I wanted. Ironically I didn’t come up with a name for my costume until a few days prior. I was going for a half glam half skull face, totally original and not basic I know. The girl who did my make-up, Briana, was AMAZING! I absolutely love a make-up artist who is truly passionate about what they do and you feel it while they work with you. She showed me step by step what she was doing and how the look was coming along. For sitting there for almost 2 hours it felt like, she definitely made the time fly by. I left Sephora absolutely loving my look..

but the looks I was getting..


Well I guess everyone forgot it was Halloweekend… Cady knows how I felt..


For my hair, I took a gamble with pin curls to go with my “old hollywood glam look.” I now have a great respect for all hairdressers. Holding hot hair and pinning it left me with a few burn marks on my fingers. Props to all of you. Here is a progress photo of my pin curls… I have a massive head of hair, so much that I’ve just called it my lion’s mane.


Using a 1 1/4” curling iron I curled all of the hair under for that old hollywood look. After spraying my hair with a ton of hair spray, I let the curls set for about a half hour (in hoping the curls and volume would stay). Once the time was up, I un-pinned the 500 pins in my hair and let the curls fall.. I brushed out the curls for a bigger wave effect. As time went on the curls continued to fall.. by the time I left the curls completely fell. So I just decided that my curls died as the other half of my face did. Gotta roll with the punches right?


It was time to venture out into the night and enjoy Halloweekend! Since I’m old and cannot participate in Halloween’s festivities such as trick or treating this is my time to still feel the Halloween spirit..

When your face is more Casper like then the rest of your body😂💀

Now onto my Pretty Dead outfit details…

  • Lace Panel Cami Lingerie Dress – I wanted to buy a dress that I could potentially wear again, not just spending $100 on a Halloween costume that you’ll wear only once. This is also the fun part about making up your own costume, you get to pick what you’ll get to wear. This dress is a mix of a trends with the slip dress and the lace accents. It gives the illusion that its a cropped dress with the lace panel underneath the bust, and with the longer length I felt more comfortable. The side slit added a bit of a “flirtatious” look.
  • Steve Madden Suede Platform Sandals from last season. Similar Steve Madden Carrson Sandals, or Steve Madden Brritt Platform Sandals or Chinese Laundry Avenue Black Sandals
  • Dynamite Faux Leather Jacket – I’ve talked about this jacket so often, in so many other posts, but when you find a new staple piece it just becomes your best friend in your closet. Wearing this jacket just over my shoulders gave a different look to my “costume” A more sophisticated look if you will.
  • Bauble Bar Catena Choker Necklace – I told you I’d be wearing this choker often! (Sweater Weather & Shay Mitchell’s Bauble Bar Haul for past references) It added the little bit of modern glamour that I was looking for. I easily could’ve worn a solid be-dazzled choker, and I did in fact consider it for a moment. But. This choker. It is just so different that I love wearing it!
  • Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C Crossbody Mini Bag – my go to bag for every evening out. This truly was worth the investment. Its small enough where it isn’t annoying to have out with you but big enough where you can fit everything you need.. in this case it was all of my make-up needed to paint my best friends face. I’ve had this bag for YEARS!

Lastly, I am a very detailed oriented person.. when I commit to a look, I go with every little bit of detail.. down to my fingers and toes. I posted this spooky manicure on my instagram but wanted to share it here too for those of you who don’t follow me on instagram ( and you should!!)  This is Essie Licorice polish with gold sparkles & gold polish – I don’t have the names of the gold polishes since it was from the nail salon.


I had a fabulous evening out with my best friend for Halloweekend & I hope you all did too!




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