Grunge Sweater

What I love about fall is wearing cozy sweaters. I found this sweater recently in Express and could not get over how comfortable it is. Despite it being distressed, you know by now that I tend to love to buy destroyed items, I just had to have it. What it truly reminded me of is one of my favorite singers from my teenage angst years. Kurt Cobain.


Now that I’ve slightly relived my teenage years lets get to where you can wear this sweater…


I’ve worn this sweater to work (casual work attire is appropriate in my office) and I was truly comfortable and warm all day. I tend to freeze in my office but with this sweater there was no need.

I paired it with new Express jeans I purchased, these are in the short version of the jean styles. Yes, I am a shrimp so we need to do what is necessary to purchase bottoms that fit appropriately. For a different look I decided to roll up the bottom of my jeans, this only required 2 rolls instead of the regular 5. #shortgirlproblems

For my footwear I decided to go with my trusty slip on sneakers. I’ve raved about these before and I wasn’t lying to you when I said I get a lot of use out of them. These are easy to slip on when your running fashionably late and need to get out of the door.

Here are my outfit details…

Now go out there & rock that “grunge look”


xx Sarah


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