Layers of White

This is the first ever white monochromatic look I have ever done. And I mean EVER. There have always been a few reasons as to why I wouldn’t… 1. because I am clumsy, there is a chance I will spill something or just get the clothes dirty within the first hour of wearing it. 2. because I am so fair. Let me go a little further into why I avoid wearing so much white…

Although wearing black head to toe has never been a problem for me and actually makes me look paler than I already am, I’ve always had a complex about being so fair. Since I was younger I always had milky fair skin, in the summer time I would tan but as I got older that tan turned into me burning. It is the Irish genes that truly shine through. Sometimes people would ask if I was feeling ok because I was so fair, others would make comments about me being so fair that I was transparent. During my teenaged years this of course bothered me and quickly became an insecurity. How does one fight against this? Easy, get a fake tan. This was such a disastrous  process. Tanning lotions didn’t work because nothing at the time worked with my skin tone that didn’t make me look like I was orange… so I went the route that every girl my age had been doing. Tanning Beds. This went on from my teenage years into my college years and even post graduate years. As horrible as it was for my skin, I didn’t care because I did not want to be made fun of any longer. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided I didn’t care about being so fair any more. My Aunt who has beautiful fair skin looks SO MUCH YOUNGER than her real age, why? Because she took care of her skin! She protected her skin from the sun! The damage that I probably did to my skin already can’t be reversed obviously but I can take care of my skin going forward, which is what I decided to do. And I am really glad that I decided to accept my beautiful milky skin tone because it shows.. now I am complimented about how nice my skin looks. Those tanning beds truly have serious damage and no one wants to look like a used leather suit case. Now I will be honest that I have gotten a spray tan this past year but I finally found a place that will adapt to my skin tone, not just a one color deal. So not only did I not look orange but it was a perfect sun-kissed glow for a special occasion, not just because.

So lets jump back into my outfit because this is a fashion blog after all. I found my inspiration through instagram, of course, and I have previously posted about her – Miamiamine. Her style is beautiful and I really loved this look she put together from her Instagram.. I was able to find the exact cowl neck tunic she was wearing (with a discounted price) but the rest of her outfit was still out of my league in the price department. The cream waterfall cardigan was perfect for this look, I wanted something a little longer since I would be wearing it to my cousin’s baby shower. It was a bold move to wear all white, especially since the little ones would be there but I wanted to take that fashionable risk! When I got the coat in the mail from Missguided it was the first order I ever made from them and was unsure about how their sizes ran… it is a little bit bigger on me than I would’ve liked it to be, however.. I can wear a thicker sweater underneath this for future use so I wasn’t too upset. The material is very soft and almost felt material.

Having a creative personality and mind can be good and bad sometimes.. I always have a vision in my head and it drives me absolutely mad if I cannot bring it to life or how I saw it in my mind. Putting this outfit on for the first time was exactly that. I was unsure. The color of whites did not match, the shoes I was pairing it with were making me uncertain… it was almost a complete disaster. So what I have learned to do is take a step back, put it away and let it go for the night, come back to it tomorrow. After sleeping on it, I realized that I am never going to get the whites to match.. not only is it different fabric and material but it brings a nicer contrast of white. Now I am also ballin on a budget here, so buying new shoes for one outfit is utterly ridiculous. Ladies, listen up. If you cannot think of at least 5 places and events that you can wear the item to in under 60 seconds then IT IS NOT WORTH THE PURCHASE. I knew I would never wear grey/silver knee high boots to work, out with friends, to dinner, to the club/bar, to a ranger game. Just no. I wouldn’t. I used my noodle and I borrowed a friends pair of shoes.. it is worth it to shop in your friends closet, its a money saver for that one time use you may need it for. Although I may just buy these shoes myself because I can think of multiple places I’d wear them (work, out with friends, holidays or holiday events or a date).

Outfit details….

  • Free People Ottoman Tunic in Cream – I purchased this from Gilt, at the time they had my size (I am wearing a size small) currently they only have medium & larges left, you can buy the same one from Lord & Taylor here. And if you’d rather not splurge here are two affordable options: Macys option or forever 21 option (style tip: these aren’t long enough to wear them as a dress so I recommend wearing it with jeans or even leggings)
  • Missguided Waterfall Coat – helpful hint: I used a coupon code from retail me not to get money off of this coat 😉
  • DSW Dolce Vita Chelsea Booties – I convinced my friend to get these earlier this season & she has gotten a lot of use out of them. They are super comfortable and I highly recommend getting these booties.

It was a miracle that I didn’t get this outfit dirty for the entirety of the baby shower. That included my little cousins climbing on me to sit on my lap, avoiding projectile vomit from my goddaughter, the waiter not spilling anything on me when bringing my food/taking away my plate, spilling any type of food while eating (I told you I’m clumsy), spilling drinks, etc. The shower itself was absolutely beautiful… my cousin Nicole has amazing style, I am always sending her pictures of outfits or potential buys. She has a black belt in online shopping so I take her word when it comes to new websites and the fitting/make of the clothes. Throughout her pregnancy this year she has continued her amazing style, and let me tell you she finds the cutest and most comfortable outfits! Its such an amazing gift.. and speaking of gift, she is having a little girl who I cannot wait to meet.. I already have many little cousins and a majority of them are girls but one more is even more fun. Playing dress up with them and all fun girly things, plus I get to see their personal style grow as they grow up.


 Congrats again to this beautiful mama to be! I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that she has amazing style!


xx Sarah


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  • Amanda Sutherland
    Posted November 21, 2016 11:11 pm

    Love this look!

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