Hard & soft: leather & faux fur



For some time now I have been looking for a faux fur scarf.. this past year I have gravitated towards faux fur, and not just in my wardrobe.. but in even in my bedroom. It started with a faux fur pillow, which evolved into a faux fur type blanket and then a year later an actual faux fur blanket… and pillows. Honestly, I will just out right blame Game of Thrones. If you don’t watch this show, well you should. It is amazing, addicting, thrilling, will make you cry in horror and in joy. For the past 6 seasons all I have heard is that “winter is coming” please see below popular meme:


My cousin who also watches Game of Thrones has asked me if I secretly wish I was part of the Stark family clan, or just wanting to be in the nightswatch to be closer to Jon Snow. She made 2 very clear observations.. although I am not coordinated enough to be part of the nightswatch, I would like to be Jon Snow’s lady. Here is Jon Snow.


My point has been made.

Now after that tangent, back to the fashionable part of this post. I have had this idea for a Game of Thrones inspired look but I also wanted the pieces to be versatile. For some time now I had been searching for a faux fur scarf in stores. Sure I have seen them all over Amazon, and for amazing prices might I add, but with faux fur it can be tricky. Your not going to know the texture or quality of it until you actually have it in your hands. When I was in target searching for a scarf I had seen a small row of faux fur scarves, not only did they feel nice and soft but the price was great ($25). As I have said I have been looking for faux fur scarves for some time, the price ranges have been every where from $10-$100. Huge gap. Target closed that gap. What I love most about this faux fur scarf is that underneath is a band where you can slip part of the scarf through so it would hold in place. Much like I have in these pictures. You can wear it tied or if you just want it as an accent piece with your winter coat. I did wear this out at night, and it was rather windy, it definitely held up to the beginning of the winter cold. So I would highly recommend this scarf, it also comes in a few different colors too.


Since I always wear a leather jacket when I go out, I was curious to see how this would look with the faux fur scarf. What kind of look would this be? And honestly, I love it. The hard look of the leather and the soft faux fur brings an interesting balance to the look. You can wear this out with jeans, or even leggings or even over a dress. I am all about being able to rotate pieces of my wardrobe for multiple looks. I also got this cute hat from Target as well. It was one of those “Hey look, its a black hat.. I don’t really need it but I’m here so why the hell not” moments. Target does that to people. Maybe its just something about the store, the pricing? I’m not sure. But it is easy to fall out of control in that store much like Sephora. Chaperons needed!

Stay warm!!

xx Sarah


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