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Yesterday was winter whites and today I have gone back to my Wednesday Addams look. Gotta stay true to your style. This lace bell sleeve top I have worn previously (Feelin’ Witchy) Any excuse to wear this again and I’ll take it. I did splurge on this top after all. Today I went with a different approach to this look. Instead of wearing a cami underneath I decided to take a walk on the wild side and go without. Pairing it with black jeans and sky high ankle booties it gave it more of an edgier look.


This faux leather jacket is obviously one of my favorites. Since my sleeves are so large, I wore the jacket just over my shoulders so I can still show off these gorgeous sleeves. I was also looking for an excuse to wear this gorgeous deep purple lipstick again, this look was definitely it.

Where I would wear this look? Probably on a night out on the town with my girlfriends, and preferably a place with seating… I mean look at the size of my heels. Despite the height of these heels they are actually very easy and comfortable to walk in. I got these ages ago when I used to avoid getting my work pants hemmed.. they also reminded me of what Lady Gaga would wear too. Just dancing in these can be a challenge after an hour or so… and I would know because I have done it. Unfortunately the height on these heels could not save my pants in this case. I rolled these up to break up the monochromatic black look.


Outfit details…


Makeup info…


This can become a holiday look if you’d like. Hear me out, I know this outfit looks so goth but hey I like taking chances and looking different. Swap out the dark purple lip for a bold red lip, add a cami underneath this top because I don’t think your family wants to see your bra. You can keep the heels if you’d like or a smaller heeled option if you’d prefer:

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xx Sarah


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