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Holiday gift shopping can either be fun or dreadful. Sometimes I tend to push this task off until the last minute, we’re all human it tends to happen. This year I attempted to get everyone’s wish list a month prior. I kept telling myself “Yes! This will be the year I’m not running around scrambling last minute!” And here I am, with things still on my list to get. The convenience of online shopping is great and all but sometimes a little too convenient. You forget that you have to leave time for shipping, unless you have Amazon prime. Why I haven’t invested the money in this yet? I don’t know. Every year it’s the same problem, I found the perfect gift online but it’ll never get here in time so I have to settle for the next best thing or have that awkward moment of “hey I ordered this late so you have to wait another 5 days.” It’s embarrassing, especially when it’s your immediate family members.

My other fun problem is that I have a HUGE family, small family gatherings have never ever existed in my life. And honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about that. What is different about my family is that spending time together and seeing each other for the holidays is more important than the gift giving. My bank account appreciates this tradition as does my other 20+ family members. As my brother has often said “my presence is my present,” a funny saying but ever so truthful. Although giving gifts is fun (and receiving them too) I always try to remember that spending time with your family and making memories is priceless. As corny as it sounds it’s insanely true. The only gifts I can’t skip out on is my little cousins, all of my cousin’s kids. Even if it’s a little gift I know that they’ll appreciate the thought because they rather me play a game with them or play with one of their new Christmas toys than open up another toy that will probably be flung across the room in 5 minutes & forgotten about until it’s time to go home. Cue toddler meltdown.

So who do I even buy holiday gifts for? My immediate family: my parents, brother, his girlfriend, my best friend and the dog. If she’s been good. Luckily I can get the dog a cheap toy from home goods since it will be destroyed in 60 seconds and she’ll look like Santa with the stuffing all over her face. Between my best friend and my brother’s girlfriend it is pretty easy to shop for both of them. Anything that I would like or wear it would be the same for them. So it’s kinda like shopping for myself, unless I really get out of control and have a “one for you and one for me” moment. Your guilty too, don’t even try to deny it. Being practical sometimes works out for the best in these gift shopping searches or another times you know that they want something specific.

And then there is the difficult person to shop for. Mom, I’m sorry that I’m writing this.. but it is the God honest truth. She is the most practical shopper there is, I have learned all of my couponing and sale skills from her. She is like a ninja. I’m pretty sure she secretly had the idea for retail me not, or at least it was inspired by her couponing skills. The biggest issue is if it looks anywhere near expensive she will hardly use it or wear it. Why? Because she rather keep it looking nice rather than potentially getting it ruined or use it for special occasions only. I drove the sales associates at Michael Kors absolutely crazy one year trying to pick out the perfect bag for her… she is using a cheap one she found at I don’t even know what store now.

So what in the world was I going to do? Gift cards tend to your mom tend to say “I was too lazy to get you anything nice” so that option is forever out. Last year, without even realizing it, I figured out a way to shop for her: Shopping for myself. When I came home with some goodies from Black Friday she really liked the things that I picked out and the 1 sweater I was on the fence about her liking. SUCCESS! But this was a process. I have to show her 100 options to see what she likes and throw her off to what she is getting as a gift.

So let’s pick out what are some great holiday gifts shall we?


  1. SMASHBOX Cover shot eye palette -the one shown is golden hour. Shay Mitchell (one of my major inspirations in all aspects of life) released these and 6 other palettes just in time for the holidays. With a nice variety of color schemes it is definitely a good gift for a makeup lover. And the price is $30! Not bad, even for a Secret Santa gift!
  2. Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash – I’ve raved about these lipsticks before and I’ll say it again. These are great lipsticks and I really love the colors and pigmentation. This is a pricey gift ($59) but it is a great starter kit for lipsticks.
  3. GLAMGLOW Sexy Kissable Lips Set – this can be a little more of a practical gift. It’s winter time so we are all suffering from chap lips, why not get a lot to help battle that issue? This comes with a lip scrub and moisturizing treatment. Want a little plump added to your lips, this kit has it all. And for $25!
  4. Sephora Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Clutch – want to throw some goodies from Sephora or even some samples or a gift card? Put it all in this really cute clutch. It’s only $18 but let me tell you these come in handy when you travel and need some makeup storage.
  5. Color me calm kit – these have become very popular over the past year. Last year I got this from a really good friend of mine, we all struggle with some stress/anxiety issues and this is a great tool. Plus on those winter days or nights where your snowed in and watched everything on Netflix already this is an awesome way to relax. Unless you prefer to shop online.
  6. Kate Spade portable charger – for those friends and family that is constantly on the go. No one likes to be that person looking for an outlet to charge their phone or asking the bartender to plug your phone in or even pay for a charging station. Why not eliminate all that hassle and have one of these instead? Of course it is important to remember to charge this too but hey I would definitely want one of these ($60).  Plus I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing battery issues with their iPhone 6, I guess it’s time for an upgrade.
  7. Rebecca Minkoff Always on Power Tassle Keychain ($50) & Rebecca Minkoff Always On Power Puff Keychain ($60) – both of these type of keychains are in trend now. Mostly I have seen the puff keychain, these aren’t cheap either. So why not splurge on a keychain that is fashionable and functionable? Rebecca Minkoff has been very involved about incorporating technology into fashion. Honestly I love it. She even has bags with chargers built into them! LOVE IT!
  8. Knit Beanie with Pom Pom – a very popular hat for this winter, this one in particular is from Forever 21 and comes in a few different colors. For $6 it’s a great cheap way to get a few color options for your winter outerwear. OR you can try the Faux fur Pom Pom trend – check this cute beanie from kohls only $14!
  9. Who What Wear Lace up shirt ($22) – I follow them on Instagram and when I discovered they have a clothing line at target it was heaven! This style shirt is extremely trendy now, why not get it at a great price?
  10. Who What Wear Teddy bear Bomber Jacket – for $50 this is the cheapest I’ve seen this stylish jacket. Bomber jackets have been a heavy favorite this season, I own 2 of them myself. This trend has truly expanded from plain bombers to designed to Faux fur/teddy bear look. Staying warm and stylish this winter is key.
  11. Dynamite Blue Velvet Slip Dress – 2 trends in 1. I really love this blue velvet color and it would be a cute gift for your friend to wear for New Years Eve.
  12. Gap Honeycomb cable knit Sweater – can’t go wrong with a classic cable knit sweater. I really love the Gap for these classic sweaters, they are a little pricey but if you find a coupon or sale it’s worth buying.
  13. Steve Madden Softey Sandals – you are either going to love these or hate them. Now I have seen this trend around for some time but among the fellas, my brother included. Socks and flops. Sometimes it’s questionable, other times you don’t even care enough because your on the go and it’s so damn comfortable. My cousin got me hooked on these styled sandals, she got me these Adidas Gold Sandals and they are so comfortable. It is definitely one of those “don’t knock it til you try it” trend. Plus this is one of my go to blogger off duty shoe wear look.

Hope you enjoyed reading my holiday gift favorites! What are you favorite gifts to get your friends and family?

xx Sarah


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