Red Velvet

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With every outfit there is always a story or a series events leading up to where you wear a certain outfit. This one in particular has a humorous story, I suppose. This beautiful red/wine velvet romper was purchased way back in October for my birthday. Now I will mention again that I like to plan certain outfits WAY ahead of time, even if I don’t know where I am going just yet. Luckily this began with a place and I planned my outfit around it. Well sort’ve. I was determined to go to Vandal and take a picture in front of their famous graffiti staircase! And looking like fire while doing so… the plot began. To find the perfect outfit.

I wanted to be different, like that statement is new. So of course I decided to order from a company on the other side of planet earth, AUSTRALIA! I secretly have a love for the country and its fashion, one day I would love to visit … and swim with sharks. Great White Sharks are there. I’m veering off topic here.. What I failed to look further into was the sizing conversion. I was so excited to order my romper (last minute mind you – so I stupidly paid for express shipping) so I failed to convert my sizing. Since I am half Irish and half Italian, my bottom half was graced with my Italian side. Panic mode. WHAT SIZE DID I ORDER?! OH GOD MY BIRTHDAY ATTIRE IS RUINED! I ordered a size Extra Small… I needed a Medium to fit these hips that don’t lie. The universe granted me with a birthday wish that the romper did indeed fit, maybe a little bit more fitted but I didn’t care I was going to wear the damn thing any way and have a blast.

By the time I got to Vandal and cautiously walked down that infamous staircase I was too happy to have made it down in my monsterous heels that I forgot to take a photo. It didn’t help that my phone suddenly decided that the battery life was drunk. So no fancy photos were taken that night, minus one that I will share at the very bottom of this post….

So lets get to the details of this very revealing romper shall we? It is a deep v plunge neck line, rather risky and limits your dance moves. I took a tip from Kim Kardashian-West (who is terribly missed on social media) and used packaging tape to keep my “itty bitties” in place. Literally taped myself into the romper, using some bandaids as pasties and I was set to go. The robot is my signature dance move so it was ok that I could barely move so that my chest wouldn’t be exposed for all of the NYC nightlife to see. We DO NOT want any of those fashion mishaps. To add a little bit of sparkle to my outfit I wore a star burst y-necklace/lariat necklace from Dynamite & some gold rings. These rings are so old and very much part of my jewelry archives..

Outfit details…

 Oh and as promised the one photo from my actual birthday celebrations. Don’t believe me? JUST WATCH

xx Sarah


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