It is no secret that I love to shop at Dynamite. I could rave about this store for days, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet here.. Sometimes it is hard to find a store that doesn’t have the same things all the other popular stores are selling. This is what I love most about Dynamite, they stand out from the crowd and these are all things that I would wear, whether it is closer to my type of style or the style for my age. The girls who work there always make me feel super comfortable and are very honest with me when I am trying on my 100 outfits. This makes my experience so much better, with them being honest about how it looks on your body vs. them telling you “yeah it looks great” so they can get the commission. The only love/hate relationship I have with this store is that they only keep certain items for a limited period of time, this is great because its much like shopping in a boutique where after a few months no one will be able to find the same shirt or pants or dress I am wearing… but its downfall is if I’m holding out on spending some money I sometimes lose out on getting that coveted item. The prices aren’t too terrible, some what similar to Express. What is great is that if you fill out the survey at the bottom on your receipt you can get 15% off your next purchase. So even if you got a shirt for $10 or an accessory you can still get that same percentage off!

That was a short as I could explain my love of that store! Lets move on to the shirt I am wearing shall we? I’ve mentioned this shirt before and now that I have it in my possession I still stand by what I said about it. I love it! This is the perfect shirt I can wear to both work and out with friends. The color initially made me a little hesitant because I am so pale but instead it compliments my pink undertones. The series of photos I took for this are called “the girl in the chair.” When there is new furniture in the house, you tend to want to show it off. Also when there is a hockey game on it’s easier to not show your face but snap a bunch of pictures as you stare at the TV. Priorities right? Plus I’d much rather take pictures INSIDE rather than outside in the 20 degree winter weather. (which I have already done)

Outfit details…

This could even be a holiday look if you’d like!

xx Sarah


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