Girl on the Floor: off the shoulder

I’ve decided to bring back this series of photos because I said so. Although they look like it is easy to take, they really aren’t. I love a challenge so I will be determined to perfect this pose/outfit photo. But let’s get to the reason why I am posting this photo. The shirt.

The top:  I got from Express way back in September. I have worn it once since then. Stupid, I know. Its such a beautiful and comfortable sweater, I really need to start wearing it more. I figured by sharing this post with you all it would light a fire under my ass to wear it more often… just as the cold brick weather is hitting New York too. The detail on this sweater is beautiful and I like how it isn’t something you can easily find too. Normally the lace up trend is on the front of the sweater in the v-neck style, which EVERYONE is wearing. I haven’t caved in…. yet.

You can wear this sweater with a pair of jeans, joggers or even a skirt. I would suggest using a patterned skirt or even a bright color since this top is so simple. Since it is ribbed I wouldn’t pair it with velvet or satin, the textures are too different.

The jeans:  Previously I mentioned how I am now on the hunt for new jeans. Most of the jeans I had in my closet are too big now, damn stretchy fabric. I needed something new and something fast. Luckily Express is always having some type of sale. I got these jeans because I was sick of wearing the high waisted jeans. When I was a little “bigger around the middle” thanks to my partying and terrible eating habits, I was self conscious about wearing any mid-rise and especially low rise jeans. No one wants a muffin top. So I got a ton of high waisted jeans. I still do love them but the ones that I had no longer fit and I felt more comfortable to try the mid-rise jeans. These are not only stretchy but very comfortable. I wear them multiple times during the week and even purchased a second pair. What I also LOVE about these jeans is that they come in SHORT! YES! sometimes with ankle booties they are still too long but I like rolling them up for a different look… plus they aren’t as long as my other jeans. #shortgirlproblems

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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