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When I first saw this shirt I laughed out loud, because this is my daily struggle. To be a New Yorker for life or up and move to LA. Last year began my love affair for the beautiful state of California, I’m not sure what I fell in love with first but I can sure tell you the calmer vibe definitely caught my attention. In New York and as a New Yorker you are constantly on the go. It never seems to stop. Rest? What’s that? It is the lifestyle that I grew up with and it is a tough one to shake. Even with being in LA for a few days I began to find myself homesick for the simple things that I truly never thought I’d miss… 24 hour delis, $1 slices of pizza, bars open until 3 A.M., even the public transportation which I loathe taking. Since then it has been the battle of the City of Angels and the City that NEVER SLEEPS. I’m hoping to find a compromise some how. Maybe even a bi-coastal lifestyle? We’ll see what the future holds for my current residency, what I do know about my current one is that its cold. And it snowed. And I am so pale.

I struggled taking these photos of this shirt, I had a few different ideas of how to style it. When you have a distinct style and go to look, you begin to wonder if you are becoming predictable. I hate that term. Especially when it comes to my wardrobe. I’d like to think I had grown up a bit when it came to my style. I guess certain things just never change huh? Originally I wanted to pair this with my black knee ripped jeans  and my biker boots. I will probably wear that exact outfit one of these days but not today.. Instead I wanted to try to add it with my “newer” go to look.. jeans and my new favorite nike sneakers. Hey a girl is trying here! Especially with my super pale skin. Ironically I didn’t realize how much of my tan had faded… ok that was a lie. I am just in severe denial that I am no longer tan. This year I really want to continue to embrace my skin tone without having such a complex about it. So to feel a little less self conscious I wore my leather jacket over my shoulders. This trick is an instant way to: 1. feel like a celebrity. 2. feel like a bad ass 3. changes your entire look. I will show you.

Here is a photo of me wearing my leather jacket…

Now here is a photo of me with my leather jacket over my shoulders. See how different it makes the look?

Any thoughts on my hair being straight rather than wavy? I love my magic waves until the day that I die. Then Kim Kardashian finally came back to grace us all with her presence via social media with her long, long straight hair and minimal makeup. She really is one of my favorite celebrities to follow for fashion and style inspiration, you can agree or disagree with that statement. With her curvy body type I look to see what trends she goes with and what tricks she uses to make her look taller and have a balanced look. Like her, I am bottom heavy. I got a big butt and I cannot lie. It is something that just will never change so when picking out clothes I like to make sure it compliments my body type, seeing what Kim K is wearing definitely helps me out to see how I would like certain trends.

Outfit details….

xx Sarah


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