If I could wear a hoodie every single day without it being strange then I absolutely would. Even as I type this post I am wearing a hoodie. Not sure how to explain how this all started but I guess this really goes back to high school. Hoodie weather seemed to last forever, and it was easier to wear than a coat. GAP hoodies were also extremely popular the time, along with north face zip up fleece jackets. Talk about a trip down memory lane. I always gravitated towards a hoodie, I was prepared for both colder weather and the rain… which is always seemed to do both. Umbrellas never helped because the wind always went against you and to be frank they are annoying to use. My love of hoodies grew over the years. I always got a hoodie when I would go to a concert, at one point my hoodie collection was so large that I had no place to put them any more. I was forced to go through so many years of memories and I really just wanted to move forward from that point in my life.. so I stupidly gave them all away, not saying that it is a bad thing to donate your clothes at all.. but since they were so nostalgic I could’ve turned it into a huge blanket. Coulda, shoulda, woulda as they say…

So my newer hoodie collection began. I am the type of person who is cold all the damn time. No matter how thick my sweater is or how many layers of shirts I have on, I am just always cold. Hoodies were a way for me to stay warm so they quickly became part of my every day wardrobe. The downside is that hoodies aren’t always acceptable to wear. As I got older I found myself only wearing them to the gym or for errands and always in the house. To this day I still wear my sorority sweatshirt daily. Of course my hoodies range from sports (New York Rangers/New York Yankees) to Nike to H&M to a few band hoodies I’ve collected again. What I am wearing today is one of my favorite finds from Nike.

I actually discovered this style of hoodie when I was visiting California for the first time. When you think of California you think warm weather all the time right? So with that in mind what I had come to discover is that it gets freezing cold at night. According to my best friend it is because of the mountains near by which is why there is a cold front. I probably jumbled that fact horribly, but the fact is that it does indeed get cold at night in California. We happened to be shopping at the Grove so I ran into the Nike store to purchase a hoodie. I found this cowl neck styled hoodie which I LOVED. Nor did I have this type in my collection, I went with grey rather than the typical black and I was nice and toasty for the rest of the night. I always had meant to go back to get the same one in black because you can’t have enough black clothing options in your closet now can you. For Christmas my wish was granted!

What I also loved was that hoodies are an actual trend this season! Thank you athleisure for multiple reasons. There are a variety of types of hoodies that you can wear, for comfort to style and both. The biggest trend that I have been seeing is the oversized sweatshirts with the over the knee boots, this is called lampshading. The Kardashians were all over this trend last year.. Kourtney & Kim have done this trend. Kim more recently wore this oversized hoodie with sliders.. in the past she also sported this really fun cropped hoodie with large bell sleeves. I absolutely LOVED this look on her. Here is a similar cheaper option from Tobi.

Example of the lampshading trend: Oversized sweatshirt with over the knee or knee high boots. (via Elle UK)

Kourtney Kardashian using the lampshading trend

Kim wearing a Vetements bell-sleeved hoodie

Recently Kim wearing an oversized sweatshirt & sliders -continuing with the lampshading trend
Where did they get the inspiration from? The runways of course. In the fall/winter runways hoodies were seen on a variety of different runways. See more below (source Vogue):


Here are some hoodie options I’ve found to incorporate into your wardrobe. Remember, it is how it is styled that will make or break the look. Pairing a hoodie with ripped jeans and some heels can quickly change your look.


  1. Out From Under Cross My Heart Hoodie Sweatshirt
  2. Distressed Cold Shoulder Hoodie
  3. Zara Sweatshirt with High Collar
  4. Zara Tulle Sweatshirt
  5. Forever 21 Classic Zip Up Sweatshirt
  6. Forever 21 Open Shoulder Hoodie
  7. Hoodie Sweatshirt Dress
  8. Adidas Cropped Sweatshirt

xx Sarah


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