Game Of Thrones Look: Winter is Here

Since I first started this blog I have been planning this look. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, so my search began. After the killer season finale we all found out that winter was here to stay… as it has become in New York. Despite the very random spring feeling days, winter has made sure we haven’t forgotten about him just yet. The temperatures have dropped so staying warm is important, so why not be fashionable about it? Here in New York, fashion girls know how to style their outerwear. From many different styles of coats in a ton of a different colors, or your basic black, camel, navy, white, grey coats. Having options is key, and it is something I have definitely learned over the years. This “coat” which is really cape is a different take on the winter outerwear trend. Capes are something I would recommend wearing if you are quickly going from indoors to outdoors and you aren’t traveling super far. It is a really cute quick overcoat for your outfit and to be honest it was the longest cape I could find with a faux fur collar that didn’t break the bank.

The past two weekends it snowed here on Saturday in New York, last weekend being the absolute worst! Being cooped up at home was not something I had been looking forward too after a very long and draining week at work. Earlier in the day I decided to shop a little online, and ASOS was having a sale! A recipe for potential budget disaster, I managed to only purchase things I truly wanted at the moment. Of course there is always that one buyers regret, and it is sold out now too! I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to get out of the house! Many years ago I decided to get a truck for one of these instances, besides the fact I still had to get to work in any weather. The snow was light and fluffy so it wasn’t too difficult to clean off my truck, and thanks to my handy dandy extended snow brush I was able to accomplish that. Luckily I managed to stay safe on the roads and reach my friends house to spend a fun Saturday night screaming at the television while the New York Rangers played.

Sometimes the winter can get boring because not many people want to go outside. It is freezing after all, and the Starks have been warning us for almost 6 years now that winter is coming.



I get it Ned. Winter is here. Ironically I am wearing my faux fur blanket as a cloak as I type this post. Another part of this outfit that I absolutely loved is my new over the knee boots. I am a very loyal shopper to Steve Madden, a majority of my shoes are from there. Whether it is just the style they make I always find myself looking at their shoes. Even on other websites without realizing that I am clicking on a Steve Madden product. Sueded is my absolute favorite for fall/winter boots and booties. Personally, I just like the way they look better. Leather and faux leather have always given me a problem. I have a wider calf and there are very limited options out there. Ah hem, all shoe designers I’m looking at you. I understand that it is difficult and you can get them stretched out. Which I have, and even the shoe maker told me that if I were to stretch them any further it would damage the boot. After attempts of doing work outs to try to make my calves a tad bit smaller, I gave up. This is my body and these are my calves. END OF STORY. I went back to my love of suede, it is a little more stretchy and forgiving. Plus it looks so much nicer compared to a leather boot. You don’t see all of the wrinkles in the leather unless it is a wrinkled leather boot (which I have owned before). The downfall of these boots is I need to be weary about wearing them in the snow and slush and rain. But there is always another pair of boots that I can wear 😉

However, putting this look together I began to find the positive things about winter. The more fun moments about winter that I used to love as a child. Playing in the snow, avoiding the ice, the fun of it all. Could I wear this look in the snow? Absolutely not. Maybe if I had a longer cape… and by that I mean a cloak.. and a direwolf. My labradoodle isn’t that intimidating.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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  • seaandstyleblog
    Posted January 16, 2017 10:29 pm

    Very chic in black !!! LOVE! 🙂

  • bonjourchiara
    Posted January 17, 2017 2:40 am

    The inspo you took your outfit from made me smile. You look all the way better!!!!

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