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Before Kim Kardashian disappeared from social media, she hinted at this trend ever so briefly. I was slightly unsure about this trend to be honest here. Wearing such heavily destroyed jeans that looked like denim chaps weren’t a trend I really wanted to participate in. Nor would it be something that I would wear. Destroyed denim is my thing. I like paying for destroyed items, my father cannot seem to wrap his head around it. Some days I am convinced he purposely repeats this conversation to simply annoy me. But I digress. Before I really decide to commit to a trend I like to see how other girls are styling it. Instagram and Pintrest inspiration is a must. I hadn’t really seen any one wearing this out in public, and I was frankly afraid at the look I was going to give or even the remark. “Hi, umm you fishnets are showing… no the umm.. the top of the fishnets, you know where the control top would be.”  Yeah that sort of awkward conversation.

Kim Kardashian’s fishnet & jeans (source: instagram)

So I waited, and I waited. Of course some of the first ones I had seen were. Not good. The trend was immediately dismissed. But then, I saw a change. Not everyone was doing the same thing. Many of my jeans are ripped at the knee, and I started to see some girls wearing that. An extra layer in the winter isn’t so bad.. so I continued to look. Fishnets were EVERYWHERE. My teenage angst self was beyond excited to see this. It was nearly a part of my every day wardrobe back in the day. So I was looking forward to trying out this trend to see if I liked it. Now I hate explaining myself but I am going to do this any way. When I decided to jump into this trend I dove into this head first. I wasn’t going to ease my way into it. No. I was going to honor Kim by trying a very similar style, but with my own flair of course. I found these jeans on sale from ASOS in petite. Yes! A jean that will fit my short self! What worried me was the rise. Low rise. A girl with wide hips isn’t friendly when it came to this type of jean. But they were $24 and ASOS is great with returns, so why the hell not. After trying these jeans on I will definitely say that plumbers crack is a risk you are going to take wearing them. If you plan on standing the entire time then go for it. Since these jeans are so damn low, I went for that Kim K look. Pulling my fishnets above my low rise jeans and up to my waist. Yikes, this was so strange. Insanely strange. But I kinda liked it. The inner seams of the jeans were zippered at the bottom which gave it a different look. Of course I paired this with my high top converse sneakers and band baseball tee (which I knotted for a more fitted look) . If I am going to honor my style, I am going to do it dammit!

As I’ve mentioned I like to search for inspiration from Pinterest. Below are some of the pictures I drew inspiration from. The fun part of this trend is that I can wear these with multiple styled jeans… you can wear this with knee ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, extremely destroyed denim, cropped ankle jeans, whatever your hearts desire. Mixing up the color of fishnets or even the print can be a lot of fun too.. this is a trend you can experiment with and definitely have a lot of fun with. A little bit of advice, always take a picture of your outfit before leaving the house. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have even said “YIKES GIRL! Change your outfit” to myself.

Outfit details…

Accessory details…

xx Sarah


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