Winter Coat

In a post not too long ago, I showed everyone my winter coat. My favorite peacoat of all time. After posting those photos I realized how worn down that coat had been. I tried to recall when I had even purchased that coat, and it was a blur. High school, college? Somewhere in between? I have no idea. The amount of times I had sewn those buttons back on was a task I started to do almost every winter. And this year I was not up to that task. Luckily I have another winter coat that was holding me over in the mean time, but I was terribly sad that my peacoat was seeing its last life. The amount of memories I had wearing that coat in the winter were endless. Walking around my college campus with the collar popped up so high that you couldn’t see my face, nor did I want any one to see me. Strutting into the bars and stumbling out of them. Walking into offices for a cold marketing call trying to hid my fear and pounding heart behind this fabulous coat. My grandfather pinning his Firefighter badge as a gift to me. Finding my coat on the floor at the Garden after jumping out of my seat 10 times during a period of hockey. The list goes on.

After Christmas I had enough. Every single blogger that I follow was posting these posts of gorgeous peacoats. A majority out of my price range. I didn’t want to give up just yet. I hadn’t forgotten about my secret Pintrest board for my wish lists. And there it was. A few options of coats I had picked out. The shopping gods were with me that day because this coat was on sale, and in limited stock of my color and size. A whopping $200 savings!



It was my final 2016 awesome sale. And it was GLORIOUS. I absolutely LOVE this coat. The zippered pockets are perfect for my clumsy self. I never have to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket or my mittens or my chapstick. Heaven forbid we lost the chapstick in the winter! The gold buttons were definitely a change up from my silver ones, but this military styled jacket is something I really liked. The military trend among winter coats this seasons is a trend I’ve taken notice to. Since I am so short I prefer a mid-length coat, long enough to cover my apple bottom but short enough where I am not tripping over my coat. Yes, I am that clumsy. My other winter coat is a long bubble coat to my knees, again not too long where I could trip over myself but long enough to keep my legs warm. The only complaint I have is the waist isn’t as cinched as I am used to. My old coat had the tie around the waist where I could pull it in very tight so you can see my body shape. Yes, I know this coat doesn’t have that. If it was a smaller size it might not have fit me properly. Can’t have it all when it comes to certain things, and it is a battle I was willing to let go to have a nice warm coat this winter.

Outfit details….

xx Sarah


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