Rebecca Minkoff Booties

Warning! Warning! This is a splurge alert!

In my spare time I like to browse items online that I cannot afford. It passes the dull time in between moments at work when it is incredibly slow, sitting in a waiting room, avoiding doing any adult task necessary or my absolutely favorite being anti-social. Rebecca Minkoff is a designer that I have grown to love over the years. It started out with a bag how did it end up like this? It was only a bag! After what seemed like a century of being un-employed all I wanted to do was buy myself something nice. Six long months of applying job after job became depressing, especially since the market was so horrible, atrocious, nightmarish. Once I finally started working again I knew for Christmas I wanted to get myself something nice. Being frugal for so long can take its toll on you, especially when you never know when that period will ever end. I spotted this classic bag of hers and I have been wearing it ever since I got it. (It’s one of the only bags I wear on my blog) Eventually I became more comfortable with having such a nice bag that I didn’t mind putting it through a little tough love. Enter the search for a new bag. I did buy a very nice every day bag of hers as well which I have previously shown here on the blog. This time around I wanted to venture away from the bags. She clearly had so much more to offer. The clothes, the shoes, the technology friendly items! And not to mention her store is beyond tech savy!

I had spotted these shoes, well rain boots,  around fashion week and was considering this to be another Christmas splurge. A pattern clearly repeating itself. I had only seen these shoes online and never on a person before. It was a little risky ordering shoes that I hadn’t seen on a foot. Were they going to look nice? Am I even going to like how they look on me? My prayers had been answered. My cousin’s friend happened to be wearing them on a rainy day, they were rain boots after all. Right then and there I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM! She spoke so highly of them and I really loved the way that they looked. Not your typical rain boot where it comes up to the knee, but a bootie which I could even wear on a night out. Perfection! 

My mother convinced me not to buy them because she was determined to find them on sale and get them for Christmas as a gift. I felt bad making her spend that excessive money on me, I am old enough now where I can afford to buy my own gifts. But once that woman is on a mission, there is no chance in her turning back. And she did it with success. Not only did she get them on sale (she will not share her story) but she surprised me with them. I had put them in the back of my head and forgot about them during the holidays. I was too busy worrying over what to get everyone else, my mother included.

The first snowfall, well the sprinkling that we got, I knew I HAD TO WEAR THESE. And they are amazing. I love the way they look and how they feel. I don’t feel like I am wearing a rain bootie when walking around in them. Even when playing with my dog. She insisted on being part of this photo shoot.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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  • Chloe
    Posted February 3, 2017 4:57 pm

    Yeees! I love Rebecca Minkoff purses, they’re also so cute and stylish! Had no idea she had a line of footwear! Definitely have to check it out now! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

    • indecisivelystylish
      Posted February 3, 2017 9:50 pm

      Yes she has sooo many options!! Definitely check it out

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