Winter flare 

Bell sleeves have become one of my favorite trends this season. I didn’t want to overly invest in them but a few different styled bell sleeves won’t hurt no body. Ironically as I write this post I keep having to correct myself when I write the word “bell sleeve.” My dogs name is Belle so it’s my go to spelling when I think of this trend, believe me google must be thinking I can’t spell for the life of me the amount of times I have written “belle sleeve top.” 

During my first snowed in day of this winter I went on a bit of an online shopping spree. Not insane damage as people would think, no I didn’t max out my credit card or dwindle my savings. Self control people! But I did enjoy shopping the sale that ASOS was having. I highly recommend making an account and saving your favorite pieces to your wishlist. This makes the “scrolling through an endless feed of items” less monotonous. Using the filters for finding what you are looking for can cut back your scrolling time. If you’d prefer to gofor the Olympics of scrolling though then keep on going! What I did find was this really pretty bell sleeve top. This is something I knew I would wear and it was on sale. ADD TO CART! 

About a week later I finally caved and got these to die for Suede booties. Steve Madden’s Edit is a heavy favorite among many people and a super popular item. I now saw why. I mean it’s gorgeous! Did I mention it comes in leather too?!  I don’t own a fitted high ankle bootie but I longed for them dearly. This was a bit of a splurge but I know I am going to get my money’s worth and more with many seasons of wearing this bootie. If I like it enough I may go back and get the same pair in leather. Stay tuned to see if I do…

There are so many ways you can wear this bootie. Here I’ve styled it with my jeans over the bootie. I’ll get into my frayed bottoms in just a minute but I really LOVED how this looks.  Flared jeans are also a popular trend this season pairing it with higher ankle booties is such a beautiful look! Many of the ends of jeans are raw which is what I’m really loving at the moment. The reason why I haven’t purchased these styled jeans is because I have wider hips. I don’t think this trend would compliment my body type. You can also wear these booties with a dress or skirt, so many outfit options.. it’s worth the investment! 

The jean experiment: I have seen this done before by other bloggers and even on YouTube. Playing seamstress isn’t something I like to mess around with. Although I know how to sew and work a sewing machine I do not own one. What did work out in my favor this season is the raw hem lines. My jeans are constantly bunching at the ankles, even with a short inseam! Any “expensive/designer” jeans I own (3 pairs) have been to the seamstress to fix the length. These are something I would never mess around with. But my jeans that didn’t cost me a pretty penny (or a discounted price from Century) are in for a rude awakening. Since many of them are stretchy material it isn not worth going to have these hemmed. They have a shelf life and it is not long. X amount of washes before it’s time for new ones. So I finally got sick and tired of my jeans bunching and not achieving the look I have inside my coconut (fun word I like to used for my head). The scissors were out, my jeans were cuffed about an inch and a half… damn that’s a decent amount of stretchy jean material. First snip, YIKES! Ok I can do this.. I will cut in a straight line like an arrow. Phew! They fit! VICTORY!!! I pulled some of the frays out on the bottom to create the raw hem line look. And I gotta say it’s not that bad. I did this to 2 pairs of my jeans so far. Slowly I’ll make my way through half of my collection. 

Eventually I’ll slowly invest in nicer jeans, but until then this little trick will do 😉 

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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