Fashionably Furry: Black Faux Fur Jacket Jackpot

I have returned!! Not sure how many of you have noticed that I haven’t posted a new look in about 2 weeks. The reason being may surprise you, it may not. I want to take a minute to be honest with my followers and readers. I had to take a break from posting on social media for a reason that has nothing to do with fashion but with politics. I want to make this a short explanation because I do not like discussing politics, I’d much rather get my tooth pulled. My social media feed was flooded with these political rants, bashing, arguments, articles, etc. It became a headache to even be on social media without reading something that was probably blow out of context thanks to the media. Taking a break to find that motivation and inspiration was something that I needed. It was a rather boring time since I always look forward to sharing my new looks and putting new outfits together. Especially if I find an awesome deal on something! I can’t hold back my secrets on fashion! So lets jump right into this look that I am BEYOND excited about.


For months now I have been looking for a faux fur jacket. Forever 21 was a gold mine for these back in the fall, but being stubborn and cheap I decided to wait a little longer. I was so wrong about that. Everything sold out so fast and they haven’t restocked anything. My search continued online and I couldn’t find a faux fur jacket that was in a reasonable price range. Once I have tried on a faux fur vest and I didn’t like the way that it fit or how I felt in it. I didn’t feel part of my style. This year I wanted to take the risk and find that perfect faux fur jacket. My mom was there to save my never ending search! She pulled this jacket out of the basement closet as if it was a magic trick. Why she kept this a secret of the hidden temple is beyond me. But she was happy to let it become part of my closet and watch me play “dress up” for my blog. Now I am honest blogger, so I will tell you that I am assuming that this is faux fur. I can’t confirm that it is or not because none of the labels inside of the jacket say what kind of material is made of. My mom acquired this jacket from an old neighbor, she assumes that it is a real fur jacket. It will be a mystery until I bring it to the cleaners. I will tell you that it is pretty warm and I wasn’t shivering while taking these pictures outside.

The top I am wearing is a Dynamite archive from last year. These tops were very much in style and I just HAD TO HAVE ONE. But a majority of stores were selling these as unitards. I am not comfortable wearing this style because I am forever afraid that the buttons will come undone and the back will be hanging out of my pants. As always, my favorite store Dynamite was to the rescue. This is a shirt. Yes, ladies a lace up fitted shirt. I love it! The details on this are even better because the bottoms of the strings are gold which add a little extra flair to the look. This year the trend rolled into lace up sweaters, which is another great option for your closet too!

I am also wearing my new favorite ankle booties by Steven Madden. These are very comfortable to walk in and I almost forgot that I even had heels on. This time around I decided to tuck my jeans into the booties for a different look. Because these booties come up a little higher than my ankle it was easier for me to do. I also noticed many other bloggers have been wearing this look as well. Their jeans bunch up a little like mine, so 1. I don’t feel as bad for struggling with this 2. it seems to be a style that every one is rocking. Now I can’t forget about my favorite Quay cat eye sunnies. Rose gold is an obsession of mine that has continued to grow and possibly grow into a crazy problem. I have already found rose gold nail polish, sneakers, and have been eyeing some jewelry too.

Outfit details…

One more thing.. I have created this new pose that you will be seeing throughout the next few posts coming… I call it. THE FLAMINGO. Totally non-intentional. I look ridiculous. And its hilarious. So lets all laugh together at this shall we?


xx Sarah



  • Corinne Jennings
    Posted February 5, 2017 12:07 pm

    I LOVE your shirt and glasses and everything!!

    • indecisivelystylish
      Posted February 5, 2017 5:05 pm

      Thank you! both are my favorites 🙂

      xx Sarah

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