Athleisure is one of the latest trends being rocked by nearly every celebrity, model, and gal walking down the street. Without realizing it I tend to dress rather sporty, the irony is that I lack any coordination to play any type of sport. Hand eye coordination is not my forte. What I do excel at is finding pieces in my closet to participate in the latest trends. Now everyone has noticed Kim Kardashian’s new style since she stepped back into the spotlight. She has been wearing a lot of Kanye’s new line with Adidas and high ankle booties with a basic tee (short or long). This is a style I can get on board with. I can still be comfortable with my joggers and basic tee but feel a little dressier with the ankle booties.

(Image sources from: Kokolife
I decided to pull pieces I already had in my closet and change things up a bit… Any excuse to wear these joggers and I’ll take it. Pairing it with my bomber jacket gave it a more sporty look rather than my typical go to leather jacket. To add a little personality to my jacket, I pinned some funny pins my Mom got me for Christmas. She knows her daughter well… Pizza & beer! 

Because it is freezing out, I grabbed my faux fur scarf to translate Kim’s California look to New York style. It is freezing here you know… Lastly, I wore my new suede high ankle booties from Steve Madden. Although Kim has been spotted wearing more pointed toe booties that are laced up, I wanted to work with what I already had instead of going shopping for a particular outfit.

Kim wore these amazing sunglasses to the airport in the look I was inspired by. I do not have a pair that looks like these (yet) but I did want to bring out the red in my pins on my jacket, so I went with my favorite Shop Sonix pair. Who doesn’t like a pop of color to your outfit?

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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