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This trend might seem a little strange, and lets be honest here.. it is. But I strangely love it. I am all about fun socks, there is a group of super hero styled socks that I often wear… but you’d never know unless you really looked at my feet. When I’m wearing sneakers that is..

My first impression of this trend was “Wow this is different.” I didn’t understand why girls were suddenly wearing this. Back in the day I wore a lot of fishnet. Mostly my fishnet stockings, knee high striped socks and knee high combat boots. Because bad ass was my middle name. HA! 😂What I DO RECALL is that after wearing these bad boys for awhile you have a lovely imprint of it on your feet… and legs. This was with the wider fishnet styles. For nostalgic reasons (and them being so cheap) I purchased them to see how I would wear them. And as strange as it was, it immediately changed up my simple look. I never though such a small part of an outfit can totally change the look.

High ankle socks are nothing new.. so many girls have worn these in a variety of different ways. With sneakers, heels, ankle booties, those gorgeous Balenciaga cut out shoes that every it girl is wearing. The sock trend goes in a variety of different ways… the 80’s have really returned with the thicker socks and heels. Reason why I can’t get on board with this trend: I can’t walk in heels without a strap. My feet fall right out of the shoe. Add socks to the mix and you have a walking disaster. I’ve seen my favorite blogger Brooke Carrie Hil rock the sock trend with those beautiful Balenciaga shoes. Now that is something that I can walk in!

Let’s take a look at this fishnet trend though shall we? So many different ways to wear them..

fishnet SOCK TREND.jpg
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My outfit details….

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