Bell Sleeved Sweater, Faux Fur & Leather

Rhyming blog post titles. I told you I’m witty. Last month I spotted this sweater in my favorite store, Dynamite.. where else?? I truly wanted to get this in grey because I have so many black and white tops why not combine the 2 and get grey right? Clearly the shopping gods did not want me straying away from my favorite colors because it was not available in my size. If I shopped online it would be a hefty bill (because I can’t control myself), and I am all about the ballin’ on a budget lifestyle here. I digress… Bell sleeves has been a SUPER DUPER popular trend that I am all about.. I prefer a longer sleeve because I am always freezing, being fashionable and warm this winter? I’m all about it. Another trend I have been noticing is pulling these bell sleeve tops through your jacket and having them peep out the jacket sleeves. I cannot recall the name of this trend or a more descriptive phrase but as you can tell by my photos I am showing off my bell sleeves while wearing a leather jacket.

Mid-photosession with me, myself and I.. it was getting colder. Or, stupidly, I wasn’t wearing a warmer jacket. Ah the lengths we go to, just to show off an outfit. I quickly grabbed my faux fur scarf, which I debated on using from the beginning and added it to the look.. Personally, I liked it a lot better. The photographer wasn’t upset that I made this quick change either. And the photographer being me. Yes, I take my own photos with a self timer or remote. Paying for a photographer is not in my budget just yet, I hope to one day be able to work with a photographer (and outside of my backyard). Setting up a tripod in a busy area isn’t necessarily ideal… and getting the “What are you doing??” questions isn’t a phrase I’m quite comfortable answering to a total stranger.

Back to the outfit! Bringing back the jeans and ankle booties look, I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. I cannot get enough of these booties. They really are insanely comfortable and you can wear them so many different ways too. With my skinny jeans or even ankle flared jeans. The raw hem line with these jeans looks amazing too, check out my previous post where I cut my own jeans. It was an experience, and I am very happy with the results.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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