Something Pink: Faux Fur, leather & suede

Before I even begin writing about this outfit, I have to thank my really amazing cousin Erika for lending me this jacket. She is one of my go to girls when it comes to fashion, we have somewhat similar styles in that we like to dress sporty but we love to dress girly and fashionable too. I had told her about my quest to find a faux fur jacket & how Forever 21 seemed to be completely out of stock. She quickly pulled this from her closet and said “have fun! and put it on your blog!” I was SO EXCITED! Not only was this different from the faux furs I had been seeing all over instagram but I thought of a million ways to style this. Stay tuned as I’m sure this will be a repeat offender this month.

Mixing different textures with this look was something I thought was rather different other than the typical jeans and booties look that everyone was doing. Yes it is simple and all but this was such a fun color so I wanted to go all out with it. Bringing back my awesome steal for the Free People Tunic, I paired it with my new leather leggings and my knee high suede boots. The look didn’t feel complete without this hat which gave this a little bit of the 70’s disco vibe to it. I really had so much fun styling this look if you couldn’t tell!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah



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