Fringe Sweater

It seemed like forever ago that I discovered this website while searching for celebrity looks. Who doesn’t want to wear the same outfit or have the same sunglasses as your favorite celebrity? Sometimes it can be a difficult task to find the item, or even a dupe. What I did discover is this really awesome website called singer22. They have a list of celebrities with photos and the item that they are wearing. Some celebrities have more options than others but lets be real here. Can’t have every single designer or custom made item that they have now can we?

At the time I was looking for this sweater that I saw Kim Kardashian wear. My fellow apple bottom girl’s style was one I was trying to copy or figure out which silhouettes worked on me and which didn’t. I admired Kim then and I still do now for pushing through the fashion industry of what a “normal” body type is. Although I may be petite, I also have wider hips… so I don’t fit into the “typical/normal/standard” shape most designers are creating their looks around. We are all different shapes and sizes, so finding that one look that compliments you is always a total score. Especially when you feel insanely confident in the head to toe outfit. I am the type of person who looks at someones inner beauty before looking at their outer beauty. I try not to judge a “pretty girl” so quickly because there are things that I don’t know about her.. reasons why she dresses they way she does, style herself the way she does, the day/week/month she’s been dealing with. Any one who radiates happiness is a good person, they have a good soul in my book. Happiness is contagious and its something I prefer to surround myself by. What also makes me happy? Finding that one item that you’ve been searching for… and its rather affordable.

This fringe sweater was in my price range that I was willing to spend at the time. It was so long ago I can’t recall the exact price but lets say it was between the $50-75 range. Not terrible for a Kim Kardashian sweater right?? The brand she is wearing is called Sam and Lavi. Since this was from so long ago the sweatshirt is no where to be found.. but not to worry! I left plenty of options of similar looks and more current looks. If fringe isn’t your thing then lets bring it up to todays style… cold shoulders & distressed sweatshirts. These are a very popular trend this past fall/winter. I wouldn’t want a sweatshirt that is too distressed in the winter but again, this is totally up to you and your style.

A fun little fact about these photos.. I have a terrible habit of getting makeup on my contact lenses. No idea how it happens but it often does. I tried to push through taking these photos without looking like I was winking all the time or crying haha! Needless to say those contacts are long gone now thanks to my liner that refused to leave the lense! 

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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