Weekend Look 2

On the weekends I am all about comfort, ok let’s extend that to 7 days a week. On a rare occasion I am willing to dress uncomfortably for a fashionable look. I wanted to take a different spin on a look that I would normally go to. These joggers are AMAZING. I can really wear them in many different ways.. dress them down or dress them up. I love the bang for my buck that I got when I purchased them. Normally I’d like to wear them with sneakers while running around on the weekends. And by running around I mean shopping. Because well obviously I have a problem. Forever chasing the sales… and whatever I stumble upon in between.

To make this look interesting I wore my new fishnet socks that I got. These are extremely strange to wear. They look unbelievably awesome in photos and other people, but when I look at them on my own feet… I’m wondering why my big toe is sticking out of the sock…. Ok, back to the outfit!! I figured why not incorporate this new trend with an “athleisure” styled look. Keeping things basic with the head to toe black is well.. I like wearing all black, its a monochromatic look that works.

This sweater is insanely comfortable too. Each time I wear it I feel like I am wearing a giant blanket. This long sweater can be worn multiple ways too.. I’ve worn it to work on cold days and I have worn it as a more casual look too. Ideally this is perfect for fall or early spring weather to wear as a jacket. Its heavy enough to keep you warm on these “cool days” but light enough where you aren’t sweating.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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