Zara Knotted Sweatshirt

Zara is a store that I am forever browsing online but I know that I need to go to the store before purchasing anything. Sometimes things look different in person rather than online, this is the case with Zara. I absolutely LOVE everything that I see online, but getting to a store is another story. It is somewhat out of the way from where I am plus I have been trying to be good when it comes to spending (as I seem to constantly have Amazon & ASOS orders). Finally I was able to check out the store in NYC. Of course it had been YEARS since I had physically been in the store, years ago I went there but I didn’t see anything that I really had liked at the time. A year post college and I was still trying to figure out what I should be spending my money on… work attire or casual attire. Ironically I haven’t worn any of the work attire I had invested in my early 20’s since then.

It was a little overwhelming when I first walked in because I simply didn’t know where to start, I was beyond excited. Filled with ruffles, statement sleeves, embroidered jeans, jackets galore. I took my time searching through the first half of the store. As I looked through the racks, I saw this top. Now this was something I had immediately fallen in love with. I know I could wear this to work (casual attire in my office) and would be a bit more dressier than a typical sweater. I do love the button down underneath sweaters look, but I hate wearing a ton of uncomfortable layers. Button downs remind me of a former up tight work atmosphere that I hated being around. Although I love the many ways you can wear it, I wanted something that was a combination of the 2. And this was it!

I paired it with a statement necklace to make it a little more dressier. Cuffing up my jeans in the “sailor style” cuff broke up my outfit a bit with my high ankle booties. I really loved the way this entire look came out. I can’t wait to find 100 more different ways to wear it. And I’m sure I’ll be sharing it soon 😉

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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