Jumpsuit times Two

My current age is that of an adult. My actions are not consistent with that statement, firmly standing strong on my Peter Pan never growing up philosophy …. as I continue to do responsible adult behavior so I can be left alone to act like a free little bird. Maybe not so little after all the pizza I consume but you get the picture. First came all of the weddings and now all of the baby carriages… 

If you know me long enough you know how important my family and my close friends (who are like family) are to me. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them, this goes for gifts too. I love shopping for presents and surprises for them… finding that one item that will make them over the moon no matter how big or small. The beginning of March was baby shower madness for me.. I spent all of February plotting what to get. I always try to go off of the registry because sometimes I’m last minute so nothing is left or I find something else that’s sparks an entirely new idea. What I also had to prepare for was my outfit. Instead of getting 2 outfits I decided to wear the same outfit back to back weekends. It’s cost effective and I’d much rather spend my extra money on the gifts to give.

First up was my cousin Katie, she has always been like an older sister to me growing up. We always chat about Game of Thrones and how devastated we are after each episode… or the nightmares we will have. Thanks a bunch Ramsey. I searched on Pinterest for some ideas for a Game of Thrones theme which rolled into witty onesies. Luckily my other cousin has the amazing cricut machine.. it’s the same machine used to make my NYE tee. I supplied the onesies, she printed my ridiculous ideas for me. And 10 onesies later…. 

The look on her face was priceless… when you hear the “oh my god how cute!” You know you did good! I promised her to use my new camera to take nice photos of her shower and friends for her to keep as well. Knowing I was going to turn this into a blog post we both made sure our outfits were perfect. I also wanted to be comfortable moving around, hence why I went with a jumpsuit. I didn’t have to worry about a dress or skirt coming up as I had to stand at all different angles to get the perfect shot. Luckily we had people to help carry in all of the presents, which was my biggest fear. 

The following weekend I had my good friend Regina’s baby shower. This girl is the sweetest person I know and understands my level of weirdness as we always manage to laugh until we cry and eat until we can’t move. Since we went to a Ranger game back in October, and I know her husband is a fan, I went with an entire hockey themed “basket.” As you’ll see below the detail that went into this basket….

But now as to why I wore the same thing twice. As I stated above, I didn’t want to spend money on 2 different outfits. I also didn’t want to get anything that needed to be adjusted. Because it is March and the temperatures in New York cannot seem to make up its mind as to if it wants to be spring or winter. I wasn’t prepared to wear anything light and springy since I am normally freezing half of the time. ASOS has the best jumpsuits and I know my size in them which helps a lot when ordering online. I found this really cute pajama styled jumpsuit in a green velvet. I loved the idea of being comfortable and who doesn’t want to look like they are wearing fancy pajamas?! 

The gamble that I took was ordering from their petite line. I’m not super tall but I am not under 5 feet either. When I got the jumpsuit I knew that the arms and legs would be more of a slimmer fit at the end…. just not as snug as I anticipated. I was barely able to move or bend any of my limbs. I was Frankenstein. Literally. In this green velvet jumpsuit. Immediately I hopped on the ASOS website and ordered the regular sized jumpsuit. Ironically it was cheaper than the petite size, and I wasn’t complaining. It did fit me perfectly, still a little snug while sitting down so I suggest sizing up (my size up was unavailable). The buttons were snap buttons which was AMAZING….. when it came to having to use the ladies room. No panicking that you can’t get it open. Disaster avoided.

At my cousins shower I was moving around a lot so I was very comfortable and warm in this jumpsuit. Because the pants were cropped I didn’t have to worry about having this adjusted either. All my shorty’s : I recommend looking for cropped ankle pants or jumpsuits. It’s a lifesaver.

Outfit details….

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