Springing back to life

Finally I have returned!! I know there has been a lack of me posting but I want to fill you in a bit on what has been happening. These aren’t excuses as to why I’ve lacked on posting outfits and writing posts either. For awhile now I have been searching for a new job, if you haven’t experienced this before depending on how much you search/apply/interview this can become like a second job. Juggling my blog posting, searching for a new job, preparing for interviews can be overwhelming. On top of working full time and having social events nearly every single weekend. My only time to take photos for my blog had been strictly on the weekends, when social obligations come into play its rather hard to find the time to do so. A whirl wind of events seemed to happen all at once. A blast of all positive things happened and my anxiety didn’t know what to do. Literally froze because I didn’t know where to concentrate first.

I had been applying to jobs during my lunch hour or saving them for when I got home from work to send in applications. Sometimes I would put this on hold to do things for my blog, which was something I’d much rather be doing. It was important for me to find a new job since I wanted something so much more than what I had. A funny story, my car had stalled while driving to work and as I was freaking out over the potential needs (and cost) to my car, I got a text from a friend saying she was recommending me for a position at the company she worked for. Before I knew it I was preparing for an interview and the many social events I had coming up in between. As you’ve all seen already I had baby showers back to back that I needed to prepare for. My Sundays had become an overflow of family events which I couldn’t ignore either. Within all of this time I got a new job offer. Excited wasn’t even the word. It was the news that I had needed to hear for a long time. An opportunity to change my life for the absolute better. In all aspects. I would no longer be working locally (which had its perks but was also very boring) and would be commuting to NYC. A new exciting adventure, which of course I had to shop for as well!

The weekend before my big first week I had gotten all of my orders in which I was ready to take photos and jump back into blogging again. Mother nature had other plans, and boy did it rain rain rain. I attempted to take photos of my outfits during the week of my new job but was only able to grab one. Adjusting to a new office, meeting new people, exploring my new work area on my lunch hour (finally an entire hour!), I would forget to take pictures of my outfit. And once again the rain made it difficult to wear any of my new options. With the spring weather colossally showing itself, my outfits of those in between weather days is in an experimental phase as we speak. Below 50 degrees in the morning and it feel like almost 65 by the time I leave work. Layers is an understatement, especially when its raining. If any one has been in NYC or lived in NYC you would know that the rain doesn’t always come from the sky, but at every single angle. Its not a cute look. I’d much rather stay dry and covered than attempt to look cute during those days.

My first week in general was amazing, and I am in the middle of everything that I could possibly dream of. The shopping, the parks, the great food, etc. I hope during the nicer weather I’ll be able to snap some photos of my outfits to share and my daily adventures as well. Blogging on the go may become my new hobby. It is an adjustment period for me so please bare with me! Besides the new sleep schedule I have had to rethink everything about my blog. Originally I had so much exciting things planned that I wanted to do and with a time frame. This new job somewhat threw me off as it was nearly a month in the works amongst other things. I fully plan on getting back on track and at least accomplishing the one major thing that I had planned for you all.

Sunday the weather was beautiful spring weather! I attempted to sleep in but I could not since I was so excited to jump back into blogging again. I truly missed the entire process that I go through of getting ready, putting outfits together, taking the photos and writing these long blurbs that I have no idea if any one even reads. Before I took any photos I had some family duties of babysitting my Goddaughter, my little cousins are my reason to do well and to smile every day… I can never say no to even seeing them because it is like being a kid all over again! It was only a brief time period that I got to spend with her while her Mom got some much needed Mommy work out time. Never did I think I would show up to babysitting in full glam makeup and hair but I did! Once my Godmama/cousinly duty was completed, I went home to take some photos. And boy did I forget how much I had to do. Chasing the light as always! I took quite a few looks, but I did not LOVE them all. I’ve mentioned this before and I will mention it again. I will never post anything that I am not excited or thrilled about. Call me a perfectionist, call me crazy, but I want to show happy work and not rushed work. This outfit though… it was not rushed!

Jumping into what this blog really is about, fashion, and this look I have seen all over Instagram. So much research has been happening that it was difficult for me to chose the looks that I wanted to put together. This was my absolute FAVORITE! The only thing new in this photo’s was my jeans. Everything else was things I had in my closet. This was that perfect in between for sunny warm spring days.

Over the weekend there was a sale at Gap, which wasn’t an April fools joke either. I really love their jeans for every day, the ones I used to have no longer fit me and I have been itching to get a new pair or 2. These are the girlfriend fit jeans which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can’t pass up a destroyed denim either 😉

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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  • PeculiarPorter
    Posted April 3, 2017 5:34 pm

    You rock those sunglasses! So cute!

    xo Logan

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