Celfish Purchase

Before you judge me, which I’m sure just by the title of this post you already have, maybe you want to continue to read about how I scored these ridiculous sunnies. I have mentioned a million times over how I am a budget shopper, the ballin on a budget lifestyle is my thing. It doesn’t mean that I don’t desire the nicer things in life either. I fully believe that if you work hard and you can spend you money however you please to. You earned it, you spend it how you’d like. Everyone has different preferences on how they spend their money. Some get the thrill by gambling their money, I get a thrill when I buy an item that was insanely marked down. Its all about happiness and damnit this purchase made me happy!

Yes it was CELFISH of me. Once … ok more than once a year I will purchase something from me and to me. I don’t have a boyfriend, nor did I ever experience what it was like to have a boyfriend buy me nice things that I didn’t pick out either. So I do it myself. I don’t like waiting around on things or people if I can do it myself. So for Valentine’s day aka singles awareness day, I like to buy myself something nice. It was between these sunglasses or another watch/sun glasses from another company. And of course the ones I wanted were sold out.. so designer sunglasses here I come! As I have previously written, I was preparing to transition into a new job. Being smart I decided to hold off on this wild purchase since I needed to save my money in case of a long period of time (possibly 3 weeks) without pay.  See, I can be sensible…. sometimes….

Once I landed the job I tried to sit tight… truly I did. Then there was a sale… and I shopped. Ok I still have enough wiggle room. Browsing through Amazon, yes you read that right.. Amazon. As I was browsing their designer sunglasses (and reviews of sellers) I stumbled upon these bad boys. They were different. Not the typical Celines that every single girl seemed to have. Or at least that I had seen. Hmm.. more than half the original selling price? ADD TO CART.

Yes, I ordered these beautiful sunnies off of AMAZON. And they are authentic thank you very much. I trust Amazon enough to know that I won’t be getting a crappy knock off either. I highly recommend looking at Amazon for any discounted designer items. You’ll never know what you may find….

Celine 807 Black Andrea Sunglasses

xx Sarah


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