Bows got Back

How adorable are these shirts? I found these on ASOS is so many different styles and I had to hold back buying all of them. For the spring I am trying to defer from buying any more black or white items since I already have 100’s of them. The tiger print caught my eye simply because its different. I like different. What’s even more fun about this is the pinstripe detail for the bows. Normally I prefer to have a longer styled shirt since my hips are so much wider and I would prefer to hide them rather than make it the main focus of my outfit. Showing off my “assets” is exactly what this top does. Bringing the attention to the part of my body I don’t mind showing off 😉

Wearing my hair up was rather different for me since I normally look like a child with my hair up. As I’ve aged I’ve appreciated having a young looking face, it completely sucked trying to get into bars when your underaged and even when you were freshly 21 but I am diverting from what my point is here. My point is with this top I’d have to wear my hair up in order to show off the beautiful back detail. This will definitely be an experiment wearing my hair up to show off this outfit but going outside of my comfort zone is how I will discover new things. And I am all about growing and moving forward in life.  What I am working on is the undergarment situation for this top. I went sans bra for this photo shoot and it was strange. Freeing yet strange. Honesty is part of my reviews on items and I am probably being a little too honest for some on here but we all have them. We all have boobs. I kinda want to purchase those sticky bra’s that are all over Instagram. You know the ones that I’m talking about, all those awkward celebrity videos of them pulling a string and having insane cleavage. I wonder how those would be for a shirt like this since wearing a bra is completely out of the question.

The other top I purchased is similar but with one bow and it is a striped all around. Can’t go wrong with a simple striped shirt either. I plan on getting a few more but vertical stripes since they are more slimming. It is also very different from what is typically sold in stores.

An alternate to these shirts if you prefer to not show off your back you can wear a tank top underneath these. This is what I plan on doing for work since I want to get as much use out of these as possible, and I was graced with a casual dress code at my new job. For the tiger top I could wear a grey, navy or even a green tank underneath. And the striped top I would only be able to wear a white or cream tank underneath since it is a white/cream colored top.

Accessorizing this would be easy, you can wear a statement necklace or keep things simple. I wanted to show off the backs of these shirts to you all, so I left the accessories out of this post. But the options are endless, you can wear whatever makes you happy. And being happy is what it is all about.

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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