OOTD: nerdy chic(k)

Continuing with these quick OOTD posts. Today’s post comes from my outfit last week post New York Rangers Game 4 win. I was tired and yet bursting with excitement that I got to see a home win during the playoff series. Although it was a very long day for me so the following day I decided to wear my glasses. Yes, I am blind as a bat and own nerdy looking glasses. Why? Because these are a hell of a lot easier to see out of compared to my old smaller framed glasses.

Anyway, this outfit was actually put together by my cousin. I often shop in her closet & I love it. I’ve never had a sister so I would imagine this is how it would be, but when your sister is married with kids & still has an amazing selection in her closet. When she saw my post of my Zara shirt that was half sweatshirt and half button down she gave me this look as another option. I will do my best to link similar options to what she gave me. The button down shirt wasn’t long sleeved but 3/4 sleeves which actually made the layered top so much more comfortable. The detail on the shoulders also made my outfit look more dressier than it really was.

Going through her closet she was asking me about the latest trends. Being a mommy and all it’s hard to find quiet time to read up on what’s happening. Everything I had told her from embroidered jeans to cutlowets to statement sleeves – she had! Neither of us could believe that it was all coming back in style. She was smart and kept a few key pieces in her closet, some designer and others she picked up from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Besides learning where to splurge my money on certain items, she definitely taught me another valuable lesson: never throw everything away, you never know when it will come back in style. 

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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