Clowning around with Zara

I mentioned in my about me that my posts will contain some comedy. The title of this blog post is exactly that. When I initially saw this top on the rack I LOVED IT. Immediately found my size and said MINE…. then when I put it on I realized it reminded me of a clown’s top with the ruffles. Didn’t seem to bother me much when it came to wearing it though!

This top incorporates the continuing off the shoulder trend with the statement sleeves being bell sleeves. God that was a lot of rambling about sleeves. Point is that this top is fabulous. I absolutely love it… it goes perfect with my clowning around attitude.

The jeans are also Zara… it was a gamble buying jeans from here. I tried on a few of their jeans and the cuts seem to be all sorts of different depending on the style. Disappointing to see that the flared ankle jeans DO NOT flatter me at all, a trend I won’t be enjoying. These jeans are mid rise and stretchy, which for a first pair would be my best gamble. Unsure if these jeans stretch after wearing them more or if they shrink after washing them. I do hope they stretch out the more I wear them… I also was wearing them on days that were 70 degrees almost 80, which was not helping my full review. Other than that I like how they fit me and they do feel comfortable since they are so stretchy. Stay tuned for my continued review on these jeans..

Lastly, the shoes. I don’t have many shots of these shoes but I am SO INCREDIBLY happy that these are in style. It is so much easier to wear over gladiators or any other thong sandal. Curious to see how these will handle my NYC street walking but I am anticipating it to be a comfortable stride. I fully plan on purchasing more of these styles, maybe even a bit of a sportier sandal which might be even better during the summer months to come.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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