Truly could not help myself with that blog title and I also had been counting down the days until this collection was released. Being a child of the 90’s I am obviously a Spice Girls fan, my pre-teen years were filled with spicing up life, girl power and wishing one day to grow up and be a Spice Girl. Last fall I learned of Victoria Beckham’s line with Target and was filled with excitement. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her style and who she has become as a woman. She went from being in a girl group, to marrying a man who adored her more than anything in this world, a mother and a respected designer… she constantly reminds me that as a woman I can have it all & it doesn’t have to happen all at once either.

This line is all about her and her daughter’s relationship. As chic as she dresses is as chic as her daughter dresses too. Her designs aren’t meant to make you feel body conscious either but to feel great in the clothes. That is something that I think many of us forget, these cuts and patterns aren’t the typical things you would see all over stores either. Plenty of subtle floral, lace, and color.. can’t forget about everyones favorite go to color either – black 😉 Since her designs and cuts are so different from what is typically out there is what drew me to this line when they gave a sneak peak. The dresses were straight and yet made me feel completely “posh” when I put them on. The wide leg pants, button down tops, lace bomber jackets with matching shorts, options to mix and match skirts and tops and even pants. What I wasn’t expecting is the matching options for little girls (from newborn to young girls). I’m sure all of my mommy readers would be excited to pick up an affordable “Mommy & me” outfit – designed by the Spice Mom herself. Everything complimented each other and I absolutely loved it.

When I went to Target not much was left, every woman seemed to want to “Spice up their closet.” I was happy with what I had seen since I had to get my hands on a few items rather than waiting for it to be shipped in the mail. Patience wasn’t my strong point as I had waited MONTHS for this line to drop… I had a reminder in my phone for the night prior to  remind myself to get my ass to Target the following day. The dress I picked up is the orchard pattern dress, prior to the launch of her clothing line many of the bloggers I follow had been posting photos of an outfit they chose. And no offense but they were all the same. I ADORED the orchard pattern top and pant set that Victoria was wearing for the launch party of her line…. but so was everyone else. And having the need to be different, I deferred from buying the outfit. Besides the fact that I would have to cut the orchard in half with the pants as I am vertically challenged. The cut of the dress was VERY different from anything I have in my closet. Most of the dresses I like to wear are either body conscious or empire waist… sometimes I like to show off my curvy shape, and other times I don’t. I can’t wear mini skirts because they simply do not sit on my body shape well nor do I feel comfortable in them. This dress was a straight dress from shoulder to past my hips…. with a subtle ruffle at the bottom I wanted to take the chance. And I am so glad I did! It was definitely a different cut and style of dress than I am used to and I LOVE IT! Victoria has used this cut for quite sometime in her main collection (which is unfortunately out of my price range)… I give her props to this because every body shape can wear this and it looks flattering. I hope to see more of this cut in stores and from other designers… or if she could even extend this collection for more than one season.

Outfit details #1….

Another item I picked up was this orange top. I’ve read that orange is super in this season and since this wasn’t super out of my price range I was willing to take the risk. Like everyone else when you think of the color orange you think “pumpkin” and looking like a pumpkin isn’t something I aspire to do. Even during Halloween. This top can be dressed up or dressed down which is why I got it.

Outfit details #2…

xx Sarah

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