Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the other dress from Dynamite. classic and basic black. Can’t ever go wrong with a little black dress.. again this could be dressed up or down, even the options from Part 1 can work with this dress.

Option #1

Wearing black from head to toe is a normal part of my wardrobe, it doesn’t seem to bother me when it is 100 degrees outside either. My perspiration would say otherwise but I digress. This faux leather jacket is also from Dynamite and wearing it over my shoulders just gave this a more edgier and “fashionable” look. Recently I posted about this necklace but the detail is just too pretty not to share again. A matte black statement necklace? YAS! I needed it to be part of my collection. The ring is something I picked up from Forever 21 centuries ago, here is a similar option. My newest black accessory is the MVMT watch, I still have to get it sized properly but I am absolutely IN LOVE with this! Now lets talk about these sliders that I am wearing. I saw the Mui Mui Pearl Embellished Velvet Sandals and how much talk that these are going to be the summer’s “it sandal.” When I saw that there was a very similar pair on Amazon for such a cheap price, I had to jump on it. Cape Robbin has saved the day! Now these aren’t for everyone which I totally understand, you can always pair them with a simple slider if you’d like instead.

Option #2

Going back to the denim jacket, you can’t go wrong with a basic dress and a denim jacket. This is the same jacket I previously posted from Forever 21. What is new are these Adidas sneakers… Recently I went shopping and was looking for new sneakers. Although I love my converse sneakers, I needed new options. Everyone has those popular Adidas sneakers and of course having to be different, I needed something opposite of it. Grey suede sneakers? You got it. These are crazy comfortable which make it great to wear to work in and I could definitely get away with this look at work. Well minus the velvet choker… But we cannot leave out my favorite new sunnies – Celine Andrea from Amazon. Be sure to look at the seller’s ratings to make sure that you are getting the authentic pair. With my new sunnies I had to pair it with my new MVMT watch. All black accessories are going to be my favorite for the summer…and I am jumping for joy with this weeks weather

Option #3

Since it is spring I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and add some color to my outfit. These accessories are the same ones that I wore to the Create & Cultivate event recently. I loved them so much I had to wear these fun tassel earrings & bracelet set again. This hat I got from H&M years ago, its a great option to have when you are as fair as me and sitting in the sun. Here is a similar option from Nordstrom’s ($18). Since this look I am pulling options from my recent outfit, these Nine West Sandals will definitely be making more than one appearance on my blog. They are insanely comfortable…. and I would know because I wore them for 12 hours!

All of the options from both of my posts can be mixed and matched together. I wanted to show you how I rotate the same pieces in my wardrobe to make different looks. It is all about having those key pieces and mixing it up.


xx Sarah


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