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Family is everything to me. The past few weekends have been filled with plenty of family fun, and some not so great weather. The weather kept postponing any kind of days I wanted to take some pictures. So here I am posting some pictures I quickly took at my little cousins dance recital. These 3 little girls have a special place in my heart, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them… give them candy, unnecessary gifts, letting them play with my expensive makeup… no matter what I can’t seem to say no to these cute faces. Their mom asked me to do their makeup for the big day since every time I see them they scream “COUSIN SARAH DO MY MAKEUP!” They sat perfectly for me and looked absolutely beautiful!! I may be bias on this but they really are pretty damn cute 🙂 Before the show started I was able to snap some photos of my look for the day…

My outfit for the day I wanted to be comfortable but also stylish.. it was a dance show I was seeing after all. The top I got from Dynamite which I really loved. Ruffles are very much trending right now and I loved the look of this top! They only had a medium in the white and a small would’ve fit me a little bit better but I couldn’t pass up this purchase. The jeans from Zara are very stretchy, when I am sitting they feel a little bit tighter.. the more I wear them the more comfortable I feel. 

This watch. It has a story. I have been coveting this and waiting for it to be back in stock… I am not a watch person or into a ton of crazy accessories, simplicity is my main focus. The watch is just a quick simple accessory to my look, loving the all black look of the watch with the hint of gold. Forever wearing black and gold and white together. My bracelet was purchased at the Create & Cultivate conference after I had my aura “read.” Onyx is a form of protection from negativity… anything that will help deflect any negative vibes. Positive vibes only are allowed in my world! 

Outfit details…

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