Target Summer Skirt

Every year I always head to target for maxi dresses and skirts. They always have the best selection and prices. Year after year I get use out of these until I can’t stand them any longer, which is pretty rare. Recently I saw the movie Moana with my little cousin who knows every single word from start to finish, it is like Frozen all over again but I LOVE Hawaii and anything that has to do with the ocean. I had been so inspired that I wanted to find some fun maxi skirts that were tropical inspired. Without the stereotypical bright prints and ugly Hawaiian shirts. My favorite color is black so the closest color outside of the black, white and gray family is navy! Blue is my favorite color after all and I love most shades of it.

I purchased a size small because I wanted to wear it at my waist, the two slits in the front make it easier to walk in too. I actually wore this exact outfit on Memorial Day Weekend to a family BBQ. It was the perfect kick off to summer outfit. Although some may consider wearing dresses and skirts so much more dressier rather than casual, I disagree. Once the warmer weather hits I cannot stand to wear jeans or pants. My legs need to be free and its such a nice feeling… especially after eating some pizza… ahh no constriction from your jeans. Its amaazzzinng.

This top is from the sister store to Dynamite. Obviously where else would I shop since I am addicted to everything from Dynamite. Garage is a bit of a younger store but I like the prices to buy some basics. I got this last season for a summer concert. It is a crop top which I only wear with high waisted jeans or skirts. It just looks strange with my body type and I only push myself so far out of my comfort zone… we all have our limits.

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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