Summer Sweaters & Shorts

With this wacky spring/summer weather Mother Nature is like the Katy Perry song “Hot and Cold.” For those in between days I found this is the perfect outfit. This sweater I got on sale from Express and its pretty light weight.. still has the cozy factor which is a must in my world. If it ain’t cozy, then I don’t want it. The shorts are new and from American Eagle… what caught my attention was the different washes of denim mixed with these shorts. I hate wearing lighter washed denim because it makes me look a lot wider than I really am, the camera adds 10 pounds which doesn’t help either. The side panels of the shorts had the darker denim to make me feel comfortable but the lighter denim in the middle, everything else was ripped which makes me happy – I love destroyed denim!!

The shoes! I know every celebrity has been wearing these and weather or not they are a quick trend I don’t really care. I fully plan on purchasing at least one more pair of these slide sandals. Maybe not with a giant silk bow on it but they are comfortable. Walking as much as I do on a daily basis I need comfortable shoes. I live in sneakers so with the warmer weather coming I was looking for an alternative – and here they are!

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


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