New Season, New Bag

Rebecca Minkoff’s bags have been my go to since my early 20’s. Where I’m from every single girl had a Michael Kors bag. And I mean EVERYONE. As you know I PREFER and LOVE to stand out from the crowd, so I went against what everyone normally had….. and then that became popular. Despite its popularity, I refused to let the bag go. It was my go to purse for the evening and weekends. This bad boy went EVERYWHERE with me… dates, bars, hockey games, vacations, etc. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed it was time to retire my favorite bag… or at least give it a bit of a break.

I had been eyeing this new bag for some time now. It honestly reminded me of the Chanel bag I hope one day to buy myself, just the quilting aspect. Putting the purchase off and waiting for a sale was my reasoning not to spend money on a new bag that I didn’t per say NEED, my old one wasn’t falling apart. After a long, hectic few weeks of non-stop happenings I caved… on the way home from somewhere I said to myself “Fuck it, I’M GETTING THE BAG RIGHT NOW” Amazon Prime – add to cart – DONE!

I am in love with this bag and so happy I finally purchased it. Since it has black hardware it can go with just about anything! Here are some shots from my first photoshoot with this bag, it was definitely an excuse to reshoot this outfit again 😉


xx Sarah


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