Sunday Funday at the Highline

June has been such a busy month for me! My weekends have been jam packed with events and it has left me little to no time to put together fun looks for you all. This process is actually a huge help in my day to day routine, the looks that I post are things I would actually wear. So needless to say my morning routines have been a bit difficult in trying to figure out what I am wearing.. I spend more time standing at my closet then I normally should and that leaves me with minimal time for my morning makeup routine. 
Since I was on the go I figured I would snap a picture of my outfit that I wore this weekend. I took my mom and my aunt out for their birthday to a nice brunch at Serafina’s and then we walked over to the Highline for a nice scenic view of NYC. Although I am here daily now, I don’t make the time to slow down and see the beauty that I am surrounded by. The day prior I was a fool and forgot to sunblock myself, it was a family filled weekend as my little cousins were over and I was more worried about them then I was myself. An overly long sentence to say that I got sunburn on my back. This completely changed the outfit I was going to wear. Since it was so hot I did want to wear a dress or shorts. 

A few weeks ago I picked up this top from H&M. I loved the idea of pairing this with white pants and wearing it to work with a denim jacket. Since I am always cold in the office the jacket is the perfect style solution to this look. I will definitely show you all how that look will turn out but lets jump back into this look shall we? I wore my lighter washed denim shorts and a pair of my go to sandals from last year. Luckily my feet weren’t too beat up from walking for hours it seemed. 

What I focused this entire look around was my necklace. Before jumping on the line to check out at H&M I always look at the accessories. And there it was. A SHARK TOOTH necklace. Impulsive purchase that was a million times worth it. 

Can’t wait to get back into shooting some looks for you all and sharing my summer style!!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah



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