Summer Mermaid Makeup

Beauty posts are kinda few and far in between on my blog unless I am super inspired. Make up is a fun hobby that I experiment daily on my face… Sephora is a candy store and danger zone for my wallet as I am constantly looking for new things to buy and to try out. I have been following Jaclyn Hill for some time now, way before I ever thought about starting a blogging. When I saw that she was coming out with a palette collaboration with Morphe I was super excited.. she has talked about this brand so much and its affordability. I had yet to order anything from them for one reason or another but I was determined to purchase this the day it came out. Stressed wasn’t even the word, I refreshed my browser a million times leading up until the launch time. Luckily I was able to get it before it sold out… and boy did it live up to all expectations.

Jaclyn always talks about how she loves creamy and potent shadows where the colors are going to stick. And I agree, its a pain to pack on a ton of color when it would be easier and more buy worthy if I knew a product was going to last me a bit longer too. These shadows are to die for! so beautiful every single one of them. These blue/green hues caught my attention immediately, I love adding a pop of color to my look in a different way. Although I would love to have an event where I could wear a bright color on my eye lids, I always tend to go for the same natural smokey looks. Using the shadow as my bottom liner and under my eye was so much fun… Since it is summer it reminded me a bit of a mermaid vibe and I had a ton of fun putting this look together..

Read more below about which shadows I used!

JH Morphe Pallette Mermaid Eyes
Photo taken from Morphe’s Website (link below for Palette purchasing info)
  • Base Shadow: Using the color “Enlight” all over my lid all the way to the brow bown
  • Lid Shadow #1: Using a flat brush I packed on “Obsessed” all over the lid for some extra shimmer.
  • Lid Shadow #2: Packing this darker shade “Hustle” over “Obsessed” to mix the 2 colors together, I wanted to create a hue of these 2 colors.
  • Crease Shadow: Mixing “Silk Creme” and “M.F.E.O.”  together for a nice brown crease shadow.. I always use these types of colors in my crease for every day looks.
  • Bottom Shadow: Picking up some “Jada” I lined the bottom part of my eye lid for a pop of color, this was the perfect base and mix to add “Pool Party” together they made a beautiful color.

I threw on a winged liner and some mascara and completed the look. Since it was so hot out I skipped the lashes and just used some mascara. My mermaid summer look was then complete!


You can get on the list for the next time this palette is available here.

xx Sarah


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