Cooper & Ella: Sample Sale

Last month I mentioned how I attended my first sample sale and showed some previews on my insta-stories. If you don’t watch my stories then I suggest you do.. sometimes I post some funny stuff or BTS moments of my daily life. So let me jump into the entire experience from start to finish….

My coworker invited me to go with her and she was shocked that I had never attended a sample sale. Now prior to this new job I used to work in my home town and never had the opportunity to get to NYC during the week (unless it was for Ranger games). I’d always miss the sample sales but I was sure hoping to attend one soon. I wasn’t too sure what to expect so I tried to have an open mind. Rachel Zoe, Cooper & Ella were among the designer items that were available at this sale. It was definitely a first grabs, first take kinda atmosphere… some people where there to shop and others had BAGS FILLED of clothes to probably resell at their own leisure or a shop they own for triple the price. Trying to navigate through these racks was interesting as no one had any shame in pushing you aside, going around you or getting butt ass naked to try on the clothes. You read that right. BUTT ASS NAKED! I walked away from some nice winter coats and blazers because I was getting elbowed as this woman proceeded to undress right next to me. Not something I was expecting to experience while at a sample sale…. I kept my focus on finding things I either saw online from Rachel Zoe’s line or seeing what Cooper & Ella had to offer. I ended up getting 2 items from Cooper & Ella.

This dress I had high expectations for as I love stripes and anything off the shoulder. Clearly you can tell it doesn’t fit me properly from the waist up. In this instance I would have to take this to my tailor and have the top taken in a bit to fit me more… Having an honest review is something I wanted to share with you all. As this was my first experience in shopping a sample sale these are the things you are going to encounter. I am not in any rush to get this taken in just yet but I know I will before the season is done. I can definitely work this into my early fall wardrobe as well.

You can see how the top is a bit too big for me in these photos, I was a tad bit hesitant to post these photos.. however, I wanted to show you that I am human too. This is what happens when you don’t try clothes on before purchasing them. Would I have gotten naked at the sample sale? Noo. Never. My coworker did have a great idea in wearing a body suit so she can quickly try on these items without having to get totally naked. Smart idea!

Outfit details…

Cooper & Ella Off the Shoulder Stripe Dress

xx Sarah


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